Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

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1999 4Runner:

Nice set up. Great Youtube channel as well. And thank you for not using the word "Overland" for your outfit. Can't stand all of these This and That Overland popping up everywhere.
Thanks. If you dig back in my videos please don’t be to critical of my use of the O word. I love the overland concept, but that’s only a small part of what we do. And others are doing it a lot better than we are.

Happy Trails!


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Wow, some truly great rigs in here. I especially like how many of them are older, showing you dont need a brand new truck to do the same old things! While we have many rigs here at Pelfreybilt, here is my personal build!


I bought my truck in 2011 as a birthday gift for myself after I got out of the Marines, paid cash and have never looked back.. It has been all over the country. Wheeling, exploring, pavement pounding, camping etc. Truck Norris knows no bounds. When I first started building the truck I had access to fabrication equipment and started doing some stuff with my buddy Andrew out of his backyard garage! The truck has been through many different phases in its 200K+ existence. I would like to share those with you now.

I picked up my 2008 Toyota Tacoma SR5 in Silver Streak Mica in the Double Cab Long Bed configuration (because truck things), 4WD of course (also because truck things).

Here is the stock(ish) Truck Norris. I had only done the BHLM, Plasti-dipped everything and a Billy 5100/All Pro Leaf lift.

It also came with a shell from the dealership

Took it "wheeling" a ton! As much as possible even though I did not buy the truck with that intention, I just lived in a very rural area.

I even took it to Moab for the first time without a front bumper, where I also "sent it" for the first time......

It was also my first time running Kane Creek, which is hands down my favorite trail. It has changed dramatically every year I have done it.

From Moab the adventures continued. I used to go find old abandoned mines with my buddy Andrew (AKA JeepAndrew) and we went to some cool ass places:

I used the truck for everything. To pull Jet Skis, to wheel, to camp, mine exploration, to take my trusty sidekick Kuma out and that's how it all started really.I ended up building a custom rack system to mount things too and add a full size spare.
Then there was the addition of the custom Avid Offroad bumper and some Blitzpro lights, custom brake line relocation lengthening brackets, 7" Kragen HID's and a custom tire gate!

From there I went on my second Moab Trip which involved fabbing up custom skids and a custom hybrid rear HC bumper to replace my constantly damaged one

Some cool Moab stuff:

Per my no shirt wheeling rule:

From there my build went a little "overland" I added a 6ft ARB touring awning, new custom built bed rack and a camping lab Mansion RTT that I found on CL for 500$. Dont even care if there was a murder in it! We also added some NATO can mounts to the inside of the tire gate and a new CB radio. Cant forget to mention the Desert Rat Rattler II rims and new BFG KM2 255/85R16's!

Now on to the good stuff, my first Pelfreybilt bumper! I met Tyler on a random off-road trip through Log Corral Trail outside of Phoenix that leads to Bartlett Lake and the rest is history!
After my Pelfreybilt front, the next logical step was a Pelfreybilt rear with gate! Here it is installed with fold down table, dual NATO can mounts and Rigid SR-q back up lights!

I then upgraded to Icon EXT travel coil overs with 700# king coils, Camburg upper control arms, and some upgraded Billy rear shocks. And you might notice some sweet retrofit headlights as well! From here I decided to go to a single hoop, after selling my full hoop bumper to a buddy! I went full steel Pelfreybilt skids and a single hoop color matched front!

You also may have noticed I found that new new and went with 315/75R16 Goodyear MTR's with Kevlar, SCS SR8's in gloss black, 16" , WARN Zeon Platinum 12-S winch, and added another shell as well that I picked up for 200$!! Then I added a mesh grille to keep the new new going!

At this time I am also rocking King RR EXT travel coilovers with CDCV valves and TC upper control arms! This was not the last time the build changed! I am now currently set up as a 2012+ Tacoma! (from the front)

Current build!
-Pelfreybilt 12-15 Steel Front Plate Bumper, with Center Hoop,
-Full Pelfreybilt Steel Skids
-Pelfreybilt 90" Sliders with Top Plates
-Pelfreybilt Hi-Clearance Rear Bumper with Gate (Fold Down Table, NATO Can Mounts)
-Custom Bed Stiffeners

-King RR EXT Travel Coil-overs with CDCV
-Extended Brake Line-Custom Brake Line Brackets
-Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
-Total Chaos Spindle Gussets
-Total Chaos CAM Tab gussets
-OME Dakar HD Leaf Pack with Extra AAL
-Loaner Rear Shocks to be replaced with Custom Length RR Kings with CDCV for Dakar Leaf Pack
-Custom Carrier Bearing Drop
-Wheelers U-Bolt Flip Kit
-Custom Bumps
-Steel Sleeved Steering Rack

-Falken Wildpeak MT01 315/75R16 (5)
-Stealth Custom Series SR8 16" in Gloss Black (soon to be Spruce Mica PC) (5)
-Extended Lugs and Lug Nuts

-**NEW** Kustom 54 Retrofit headlights
-Baja Designs S8 20" Driving Combo Light Bar (1)
-Baja Designs Squadron Sport Wide Cornering Fog Lights (1 Pair)
-Baja Designs Squadron Pro Spot Ditch Lights (1 Pair)
-Cali Raised LED Ditch Light Brackets
-Rigid SRQ Flushmount Reverse Lights (stolen)
-Retro Fit Headlights (currently being constructed)
-Red Interior Lights (for that night vision)
-Pelfreybilt 31M Battery Cage(to be installed)
-Optima31M Blue Top (to be installed)
-Secondary Optima31M Yellow Top (to be installed)
-Pelfreybilt Blue Seas Bracket (to be installed)
-Blue Seas Fuse Box (to be installed)

-ARB/AirFlow Hybrid Snorkel
-4.88 Gears with rear ARB Locker (to be installed)
-Heavy Foot/**** These California Drivers Mod
-ARB Air Compressor

Extra Exterior:
-2012-2015 Tacoma Front End Conversion (Magnetic Grey Metallic)
-MGM Roof Vinyl (to be installed)
-Pelfrebilt Aluminum Hawse Fairlead
-Color Matched Century Long Bed Shell
-Frontrunner Racks (to be installed)
-Modified Toyota Tacoma Long Bed, Bed Mat
-Custom Bedrack with Hi-Lift Mount/Rotopax mounts
-BAMF Corner Bed Tie Downs
-Camping Lab Mansion RTT
-ARB Touring 2500 Awning

Extra Interior:
-Pionerr in Dash DVD (from 2011)
-Pioneer Speakers
-Pioneer Amp
-Weather Tech Floor Liners
-Aluminum Molle Panel behind rear seat

-WARN Zeon Platinum 12-S Electric Winch (needs to be re-installed after bumper is re-powdercoated)
-60K# Rated Line Man Shackles
-Hodge Podge Recovery Kit
-Deadman Earth Anchor
-Hi-Lift Jack
-Harbor Freight Aluminum Floor Jack on Skid
-Axe/Shovel Mount in bed

Future Modifications Planned:

-Pelfreybilt Solid Axle Conversion 3-Link Kit (in development)
-FJ Dual Transfer Case W/ Marlin Taco Box
-Associated SAC Mumbo-Jumbo (D60ish)
-KUSTOM KINGS!!!! (because they will be red anodized (JK they will also be super long) haha)
-Custom removable flat bed and cage (combo to use RTT, and associated bed accessories)
-Full Interior Cage
-Big Ass Tares (40+)
-LS swap (once I finally hit like 500K miles or so)
-Big Diesel to replace Tacoma and/or pull Tacoma (yeehaw)

-Vinyl roof wrap to match MGM hood
-New seats :)
-TuffSkinz interior kit
-Finally install my audio system
-New Molle Panel Attachments to make CA people mad
-Tred Pro's
-Rock Lights

Bluegrass Taco


No pictures off the parking lot yet since the newest addition (topper) Found a killer deal on it. (ARE...$250 like new) It's MGM and WAS gonna get painted Silver Streak. I thought I'd try it out to see if I liked driving with it on....Now the color contrast is growing on me. Next step is roof rack (on topper? or on truck cab?) Most of the drive train/suspension is complete. Just cosmetics now. After roof rack is a snorkel, then I'll swap hoods (Have a Silver Streak sport (skewpie) hood in the garage.


'17 Tacoma 6spd Manual TRD OR Silver Sky Metallic

Live on the Western Slope of Colorado. It goes where I point it, and carries all my gear securely.

It's my DD and I usually travel to Wyoming for work so I'm keeping it as functional as possible without getting too crazy with add-ons.

4 corners of OME/ARB nitrocharger shocks/888 coilovers in the front : OME nitrocharger shocks and Dakar Medium duty leaf springs rear.
26/75/16 E-rated BFG/KO2
I'm about 2.5 inches over stock with increased suspension travel and slightly higher ground clearance w/ the taller tires

future mods
Diamondback HD tonneau
Slide-out system

Low profile rear bumper
Delamo sliders
Prinsu Roof Rack


Recommended books for Overlanding

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