Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


Dr. Frankenstein
Dig it. I think you're right about the tonneau though. Maybe newer gens can tweak it to make it work because of the bed tracks. Gives me an excuse to invest in some waterproof bed storage. I sold all my Frontrunner boxes with my Land Cruiser so I get to start from scratch.
I use two of these:

and then stack two of these on top:

I had to make some different mounts to hold the tent down to keep the bolts from catching the cases. But these stacked fit PERFECT under the bed bars i have. And two side by side fit perfect between the wheel wells. And they are heavy duty and water tight.

Not sure why they are so pricey now. I bought them for like 50 bucks for the big one each and 30 for the smaller ones each. Im sure with some digging you could find them at that price.

Work nice though. Even with my 5' bed these only take up half the bed and hold a lot. I use one big one for my OSK. The other big one as a kitchen box. Smaller one for additional tools. Smaller one for random things like food. Or sometimes don't use it even.


Dr. Frankenstein
Thanks for the links, those look like they'd work well. I'll search around to see what I can find. I like the Pelican space cases as well but have never bought one to mess with. Depending on what hurricane Irma does next week I may be building a quick/temp bed solution to move things/help folks out.
** Edit, looks like you can snag some of the med boxes on eBay for around $50 in unused condition.
Pelican cases are great. I use a lot of them for audio gear. Very stout and durable.

the 1630 would be a good one.

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2011 Tacoma double cab w/longbed TRD Sport. Making plans to change the entire bed out for something else.
1990 JDM HZJ77 LandCruiser. Plotting a turbo retrofit for the 1HZ.
2016 4Runner Trail Premium. Stacking parts at the moment.