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Dr. Frankenstein
Nice! That's a solid setup. Is that a custom bed rack by the way? I sold the shell that came with mine to switch to a bed rack. Seems like All-Pro and Frontrunner are the only ones making them for 1st gens? Lots of 2nd gen+ options.
Low range offroad sells some nice low profile bed bars.

Relentless fab used to as well.

CBI makes a rack as well.

Aren't too hard to make though so if you have the means go for it!


Dr. Frankenstein
I saw the Low Range bars and I think they will be perfect for a temporary setup for a while. Thanks for the CBI link, I hadn't looked over there in a while, didn't see any rack options for gen 1, only 2nd...lots of armor though, and I like their ditch light brackets. My second hurdle is that I was going to try to run a tonneau and the rack, I've only seen it done on 2nd and 3rd gens though so might be a no go.
Just added a few of the Low Range bars to my cart. Like that they also have extra mounting tabs! Helluva price too.

hmm...not sure you'll be able to do a tonneau cover and a bed rack.

Im running the old relentless bed bars on this truck:

Memorable Oregon-9.jpg by Monte Nickles Photos, on Flickr

Perfect height for my military cases and for jerry cans vertically. The low range ones are similar.


Rickashay had a tonneau cover with his bedrack on his Tundra. I didn't see it close enough to know how it was designed, might be able to figure it out with some searching.