Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

My new-to-me 2001 Tacoma SR5 Xtracab 4x4 with 67K miles on the clock after picking it up in Atlanta and driving it home. Helluva test drive.

Sold my 100 Series to get into a pickup and it took months to find one while I rode my bicycle and skateboard around.
Found it in TX, previously a FL truck now home in Virginia Beach.
These are some shots from the listing and one in Savannah on the way home.
Will do a thread once I get things started, but this will be kept as close to stock as possible while still getting me where I need to go.
235/85r16 and steelies are on order as well as some artificial rain gutters and load bar mounts to get roof rack up for surfboards.
Might do an ARB compressor for beach driving. Other stuff later, just happy to have a truck again.
Other than that I need to get it undercoated and washed.

Great looking truck. I'm curious about your beach driving with 235s though. Wouldn't a wide tire be better for that?

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Picked up my first Toyota a little over a month ago. It's a beautiful '07 FJ with only 86k miles. The previous owner took very good care of it, it seems like a brand new vehicle. I'm loving it so far. Just put some Falken Wildpeak A/T3W tires on it last week. I stuck with the stock size 265/70/17 but opted for the Load Range E, 10 ply. They really smoothed out the ride as the previous owner had some Pirelli highway tires installed that didn't like the potholed logging roads that I like to go explore. Here are a couple pics from this past Friday out exploring the Tillamook State Forest in Oregon near my home.