Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


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My new (I've had it 3 days) '96 4Runner. 3.4 auto with e-locker. It started out this morning bone stock, and this afternoon has had a 3" lift installed and some 33" Procomp MTs on newer Taco wheels thrown at it.



Had to make a run up above the lake around lunch time today. Took the back way on my return trip and snapped a pick of my money pit. Here's my 2000 4Runner that I've been slowly improving.



New to me 2012 Taco TRD Off-Road

Look what followed me home!

I've been hunting for a deal on a used Taco for sometime. Found a deal on a '12 TRD OR AC with less than 3,000 miles on the clock! It was in Seattle Wa and I live in Santa Barbara, so quick flight up to Seattle and road tripping back down! I used to live in Portland OR and I am a native of the SF Bay area, so lots of friends to see and couches to surf on the way back down!

My goal is to keep things fairly simple at first -- some sort of a topper (soft or hard, not sure yet) and build her out to be a lightweight camping/adventure rig. Mojave is high on my list as are Pismo, Joshua Tree, and since I live right next to the Los Padres National Forest, that is an obvious destination as well. An extended trip to Baja is my ultimate goal. Gotta work up to that.


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Better late than never, here's my TRD Sport DCLB. Got big plans for it!

Sorry for the absolutely massive pictures. Shot them with the girlfriend's camera and they are huge. I'm not so good at little tech stuff.
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Ok, so I have a great motorhome. 14 years of great trips and memories, the RV provides all the comforts of home. But sometimes going for the simple life has it's own rewards. For the last 2 weeks I've been mostly camping out of the bed of my Tacoma sprinkled with a few motel nights when on the road. I had a window of opportunity an ran with it...I left the RV at home and ran the Tacoma and a bumper mounted DR200 down to Big Bend National Park (and Fort Davis State Park), TX. for a two week trip.

Backcountry camping in Big Bend NP, has been wonderful. The unmodified Tacoma ('09 dual cab, long bed with ARE fiberglass cap) truck provides basic 4x4 ability which get's you to this campsite which is 7 miles down a trail road. The next campsite is 3 miles away.

The night starfield in BBNP and FDSP are just lights around at all. Climate this time of year is very comfortable (cool nights!), and no crowds.

A 45 QT RTIC ice chest on a rear seat kept the food and drinks chilled for 5 days. Very nice having OJ, milk, eggs, bacon, and some brew out here. A Roll-a-Cot & Thermarest pad make a great foundation for my sleeping bag...had great sleeping in the cap. The cap is wired up with a fan and LED lighting. I carry two surplus "water bladders", one is shown hung on the roof bar. I hang one of the "sunny side" for a couple of hours if I want a warm water shower. The bar also also supports my 8x10 shelter tarp at the truck; two extendable poles support the outer edge of the shelter.

Had a great time...the point being is: DO IT.


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