Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.

Wicked 2007

HA! you mean trailSSS haha :p

we did all of these..

Clear Lake
South Mineral Fork
Black Bear Pass
Imogene Pass
Poughkeepsie Gulch
California Pass
Cinnamon Pass
Corkscrew Pass
Engineer Pass
Hurricane Pass
Animus Forks
Started up Yankee Boy Basin but didnt go far..

spent about 5ish days there..4 full ones.


Dr. Frankenstein
Thanks for the photo's of the switchbacks on Morrison Blackdawg, gives me an idea as to what to expect when I run it.

Ya, Black Bear isn't all that bad.
you bet. Wasn't too bad save one corner gave us hell. took us about 15-20mins to get 3 trucks around. Its the one with a lot of pics of me struggling up it and then the other two rigs with us hangin off the sliders to keep it from tipping too much. I 3 wheeled up around it pretty bad and the second truck lifted way bad. Was about a 10 point turn there. Everything else was like 3 point turns. Was super fun though.

Let me know, id be up for it again if im in town.

Blackbear was not bad at all. still a lot of fun though.

you bet!