Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


This has to be the best thread on the net. I spend hours in here on a virtual trail ride, sometimes just drooling.

Top Mods:
- Loose change pouch
- Document pouch for visor
- MP3 player
- Dancing hula girl... f'real :costumed-smiley-007

Top Gear:
- Pico arm chairs
- Quail call
- Spork
- Lastest issue of Overland Journal
- Steak seasoning
- Spork

Made it up the driveway, didnt have to use the locker.

Some shade in Copper Creek. Hollow tree was full of bees! Running the creek, its right about here it starts to get rough.

man I love your truck!


Thanks, It's at a stand still right now. out of work and can't spend my money on plate unfortunately
at least ur smart enought to realize food is more important than more armor. ive had to make that decision a time or two, and honestly its a kinda hard choice haha:)


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lol i almost don"t want to post pics of my ******** box after looking at most of the trucks on here....but for $200 it was mine
its and 89, v6, 5 spd
bone stock except for a 2 inch block in the rear and a u-bolt flip...
(it got cold i work in a parking lot)
torsion bars will get a lil crank and a b.j. spacer

way down the road...
5 cly benz turbo diesel mated to the v6 trans (custom adapter plate)
((we did it with the w56 already))
3 inch s.a.s
2 inch body lift (needed to clear the motor)
and some meaty 33's or 34's

day i got it i had a huge grin all night

first time i had the cap off

first trail ride

my truck and the big black cummins powered s.a.s chevy 2500

my co-pilot ..... not a driver (he aims for trees)


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Dude!!!!! ^^^^ That's a 1st Gen 4Runner... It's hardly a $***Box... It's a better rig then 99% of 4wd's on the road to this day... An old, in-need-of-love 1st GEN is still an AWESOME truck. Don't sell it short by any means mate. Cold it use some love??? Looks like it, but it's still a GERAT truck and one HELL of a starting point. I beat on mine pretty hard and at 260K it's still running strong. My GF and I sleep in the back and mone get's me out to the middle of nowhere without breaking a sweat. If you keep her (and you SHOULD keep her) I'd HIGHLY suggest some Old Man Emu Dakar rear springs (nothing comes close to these in a quality/cost comparison... Dever, Alcan... You pay more and don't get much better IMO) with that set-up alone you can tun some 33x10.50's (I'm biased as this is what I run, but it's a VERY proven set-up and the 33's have REALLY made a huge difference on the trails, just stick with 10.50's cauzse WIDE doesn't help with clearence - you can run 35X10.50's on these old trucks with ZERO lift but anything WIDER just rubs). depending on if you need one or not yet, just throw in a cheap-o auto locker and you've got a truck that'll go places that alot of "more heavily mod'd" trucks (unless they TOO are old-school Toyota's) can go and all in a totaly low-key little Toyota that will just keep running and running for EVER.

Like I said, DON'T SELL THAT LITTLE BEAUTY SHORT. She's a GREAT rig that'll give you YEARS of enjoyment if you just keep an eye on her.



EDIT: DUDE!!!! That interior looks like it's in GREAT shape from what I can see... usualy those maroon interiors are all beat as, but yours loos NICE. Is it ALL that clean??? looks like you're already givin her some love eh mate. Sue looks like the kido and the little lady like her too.


Ditto on what 4Rescue said. 1st Gen 4runners are in my opinion the most bad*** Toys ever made. I had may '85 for 9 years. Im still not sure why I sold it. I regret it sometimes. Your truck is dope. A Tru-Trac in the rear, some 31" or 33" MTs, and a coat of white paint on the tailgate is all you need. A couple inches of lift is good too! But thats it! No reason to overbuild! And its really nice to see your rig topless! I don't see enough of these without a top. :victory:


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im not trying to gloat ..... im not a newb to the trails ..... i drove a 88 22re 4runner and went places an ifs lifted pickup had troubles going .... and all that had was a 2 inch block and t-bar crank on 32's

(mind ur ears i was drunk) may 24 a few years ago ...when i caught the toy bug

Im driving in all the pics

i was one happy redneck :D
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