Show us your Toyota 4runner, tacoma or truck.


I searched around and didnt see a showcase thread for us toy guys but decided we could do something similar to the expo rigs in general chit chat but just our toyotas.

so post up, mods multiple pics and interior pics if you have some interesting cargo/sleeping platforms or whatever else you may have done.

could be a one thread inspiration for a lot of other guys who own the same trucks.

lets seem em!


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The first pic is the day I brought it home - I should have listened to Max when he told me what he thought of the Tacoma.

Second is how she sits today - all stiff and not flexible - like many girls I have dated.

BFG AT's ROCK!!! Look at that bite and zero side wall flex. Did I mention the stiff ride???


im lovin everything!, ill keep it going

mods are in sig mostly

things to fix and make better
cargo platform with line-x, more aux lights, winch, another set of wheels and 35x10.50 ssr radials and some other small things.


lionsbreath said:
I am having trouble posting my pic's Help please.
What i do, is i have a photobucket account, upload my pictures there, then you copy the IMG code into your post and there ya go picture appears.


Here are my two. an 87 4Runner with 255/75/16 Geolander AT's, K&N, Shackles to prevent the sag and a Hi lift. It will soon have a locker of some sort. The other is a 03 Taco with deck plate mod., 265/75/16 BFG AT's Hi Lift. And for those Jeeper a Jeep Trail Rated badge.:shakin:

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