Show us your things that flip/fold/slide/pop or otherwise open out/up


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I did this in order to keep the overall height of the camper I am building short. With a low profile camper, the cab over gets to short making it feel too close. With the top hinged open, I can stand up in it. With a zippered door on back, I have safe roof access without the need for a ladder. I am using two synced electric actuators to lift it.


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Smaller Scale

View attachment 216253While mine is certainly not as grand as some, and I lack that awesome rear porch,it serves my purpose. My goal was to create a lighter more nimble version of a pop up camper that could access very remote areas and tight trails. The pop out drawer in the back holds larger tools and a full set of spare axles, the drop down side have my fridge/freezer, slide out kitchen, LPG tank, chairs, cooking gear and most importantly a full bar :sombrero:
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