Show us your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ


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Great looking WJ... shame about the wreck. What happened?

On the plus side it looks like the ARB bar did it's job and dissipated the collision energy properly, that is, it bent instead of acting like a battering ram. Did it save the radiator or did the Jeep spill its fluids everywhere?
It was a bad wreck. A pile up on the highway at about 60mph. I actually ended up rear ending a friends tj and flipping him over. Everyone was okay. Busted the radiator and bent the frame in different places but saved the winch and everything else. The only things i couldn't use on the second jeep are the bumper and lights

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Here you go...

2000 Limited V8 factory Selec-trac, Factory Rock Rails(bedliner coated), Rear Spartan Locker, 3" IRO, JK Steelies (bedliner coated) & 245-75 R16 Cooper A/T3



Here is mine; nothing too crazy-specs in sig, but gets me where I want to go. I love my WJ and yeah I have yet to see another lifted one down here in my neck of the woods. It is a shame though, they make great rigs... Jeep Flex.jpg Jeep River Shot.jpg
That Accident sucks! Glad you're looking at another one though. They are great rigs, and a lot of fun when you get them to your "Happy Place."

Here's mine, no good pics but you get the idea. It wont let me upload new ones for some reason right now, oh well. I have a build thread on here somewhere. :)

WP_20131208_11_08_40_Pro.jpg DSC01943.jpg WP_20130412_003.jpg

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Have any of you extended the bump stops and added limiting straps? Im running a Clayton 6" lift with 33" km2s and I've always had tire rub and I've dropped the front springs a few times when fully flexed. Just wondering about any cheap solutions. I've seen a few kits online but they seem expensive for what they are. Ive already done a lot of fender cutting. Just wondering what you guys have done. Thnx

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It's a fine thread here, but for anyone who hasn't yet also checked it out, be sure to visit Kristoffer's (theksmith) outstanding '03 WJ combination build thread and travelogue:

I suspect every WJ wants to grow up to be like his. It's an impressive truck with many fine and clever features, and it'd be well worth the time it'd take to read through all of his posts.