Show off your Truck Shell / Top Modifications and Add-Ons !

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Cool ideas in this thread. I'm currently converting a vintage camper originally sold as a dealer option on a 71 chevy long bed into a Micro Slide In Camper for my Superduty.

For some reason I'm not able to post links to my photobucket.

Thanks for the inspiration folks.


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Nothing too crazy on my 2008 Colorado: Made a small shkef for the front of the bed that I use to keep my bikes locked in. Added led lights, a BedRug two 12v outlets, a USB and a Yakima rack. Set for adventure.


Here's my hardtop/box. I built it myself when I just bought the toyota. When I finished it, I knew how I should have done it ... But at that time I was still on university, so I had time enough.
I welded a frame where I screwed plywood on. Then I fiberglassed the outside. First few years it was just a hardtop, and it was standing on the tray sides. But because I have to remove it quite often (for my camper unit and during winter a salt spreader) so I made a box of it. At the bottom I have space for handshovels and stuff like that. The rest is storage for tools etc. When I put the forks of a forklift in the bottom tray I can remove everything in one time so I can switch the hardtop for the camper within 30 minutes.
It is a never-ending project, every time I want to improve or change things for some reason... So next project will be an heater and some worklights.

Building, here it only was a hardtop:


After some repainting last month:


At work:

2015-07-31 08.16.15.jpg

I will add some inside pictures, but I can't upload them for some strange reason..


Very Nice

Have you thought about setting the back up with screens for those warmer nights?
I really like the taller shell for the space it provides and You seem to be doing a good job on yours.


Have you thought about setting the back up with screens for those warmer nights?
I really like the taller shell for the space it provides and You seem to be doing a good job on yours.
I have considered it, but I think I'll install sliding side windows with screens. I've been watching for deals on eBay... I live/work out of my truck a lot during fishing season, so making it comfortable and functional is super important.


Copy/Paste this from my build thread:
Next up, sleeping arrangements. I had originally thought a roof top tent was the way I was going to go (and it still may be), but I decided that a bed platform would serve our needs for the time being.

865overland Bed Platform List of Supplies:
-one 2x8 at 10ft long (cut this in half)
-two 4x8 sheets of 3/4" BC ply
-7' of outdoor rated carpet
-two 4x8 sheets of 1/4" foam insulation with moisture barrier
-one can of 3m multi-purpose spray adhesive

I will sell these pre-manufactured under 865overland but here's the quick how-to if you want to build your own.

I started by grabbing my supplies from Lowes and setting up my work space. I decided to tackle the supports first.

I cut the supports to 57" or maybe a 1/16" under. I then had to slightly notch them to fit in the bed spots. The notch is 1" by 1/8" on both ends but only needed on one side each, not both. Cut less than you think. You can always take more out by sanding or cutting a blade width out. Make sure the board crown is oriented correctly. Heart of the tree should be on bottom. Fit like a glove!

Next up was the platform. This took a little time but proved to be simple. I start with the first sheet of ply. I cut it down to length which I believe was 70". I then noticed the tailgate end of the bed is tapered and the cubbies get in the way. I first taped the end by measure where the taper stars and how thick it was. It was the exact thickness as the edge that the support boards sit on, 1". I then marked this on my piece of play and cut it out with the jigsaw. Next was the notch for the cubbie. I threw the piece of ply in the bed on the supports and just marked where I needed to notch. Again, I cut it out with the jigsaw. After some sanding and some minor adjustments it fit like a glove. The second piece of ply was needed to fill in the platform. I had about 9 3/4" left so we ripped down a section and used the first piece of ply to transcribe the same notch and taper from the other side. Be sure to leave at least 1/4" gap between the two sections of platform to allow for the carpet. This should get you halfway!

Now it was time to do the finish work with foam and carpet. Do the small piece first to see if the large piece needs to be ripped down further to allow them to lay flat. I laid the ply cutouts on top of the foam and used a utility knife to cut out the same. I then used spray adhesive to join the two with moisture barrier (silver foil) side up. Up next was the carpet. We did about 3" over each side to ensure we could wrap it around and get a good staple job. I used a fresh utility knife to cut the carpet down, an air stapler to do the staple work, and I used spray adhesive to attach the carpet to the foam moisture barrier side.

That's it. It took a few hours but was fairly simple. No nails. No screws. You technically don't need the glue, either. The entire thing comes out of the truck like it was never there.


Here's a daytime photo


Nice Job

Kevin, that is a nice set up and yet I bet you start thinking of things that you are going to want to do to make it even better. It seems that no matter what you originally come up with, if you are a bit of a wood butcher, you will think of things to add that create an even more personal outfit. Regardless, you have a good start to a fine camper.

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Here is my camper shell conversion.
I first tried the standard bed platform, it did not work well for either storage or headroom given the fact that I have a small Ranger pickup with a cab high Leer shell. My latest attempt is working well though! Rather than storage underneath that is hard to get to, I am using shelves for storage above and sleep on the floor. I built 8"w hardwood shelves for both sides mounted above the bed rail and secured with the 4 canopy shell bolts, then one 22" deep removable shelf for the front that hangs on the side shelves. 4) 4" cushions store well under the front shelf and using a Bedrug on the floor. The front shelf and cushions pop out in seconds leaving the pickup for hauling and other purposes. LED lights, 12v outlet, window fan switch all in one pod unit in the rear. I also added a simple awning that is easy to set up or take down in a couple minutes. Couldn't be happier with this set up for simple camping.
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Man, I know this one is old, but holy canoli this is about the perfect most simplistic setup I have seen here that looks ideal for what I want need. i think I have a plan.