Shovel mount hardware - new ideas?

I've mounted a few before and last time I used the usual Quick Fist rubber mounts but looking for other ideas out there. Not interested in the Frontrunner ones (they need to redeign those so they dont rust!) nor combo mounts since I don't want an axe here.

Seems there's a market for a new design with a simple way to lock it. Haven't found one that's decent yet, unless its way over the top $$. Does no one make a simple clamp that you can put a lock on??



Honestly, my shovel is the cheapest thing they could steal off my trailer, and easily replaced from any hardware store. I'm using Quick-Fists. I've got bike locks running through my gas cans, and attached to the trailer. Maybe a bike lock through the handle? Mine would reach if I wanted to do that.

I know there are some expensive shovels out there, and some that disassemble. Drill two (or more) holes in the shovel, and have some same sized bolts though from the inside of the trailer out with holes in the end of one of the bolts. Wingnuts past the hole to cinch it down, and then a lock through the hole?

I'd rather have them steal the shovel than have them damage the trailer trying to get it off.

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Yeah that was my other thought as well. I think this shovel was $18. One of my locking cables was $20 on my last build! Maybe if someone wants a cheap shovel, they can have it. I don't buy into the pricey "overland shovel" thing. This is mounted to the side of my rig so don't want to drill more holes...

The other thought was to do what I did on my Tred Pro's which was to use a hitch lock that has worked out perfectly. Check this one out: I passed the lock's pin through the base of the mount I made with threaded rod to hold the Treds. I used a piece of rubber with a hole in the middle of it to slide over the pin which gave a clamping effect when I push the lock down on the pin.

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What about integrating the shovel and tred mount?
I built a rack on the drivers-side rear quarter window and just mount the shovel right above my Treds and use the same cable lock through the Tred and the loop handle of the shovel. As with all things, nothing will stop a determined thief, but it's enough to discourage casual pilferage...


Drill a hole through the spade and run a steel braided cable through it if there is not a handle to loop through.

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Drill a hole through the spade and run a steel braided cable through it if there is not a handle to loop through.

OR, depending on the configuration of your rack, slide the shackle of a padlock through the spade. I have several padlocks on my truck (tool boxes, hitch pin, MaxTrax) all keyed alike. Simple, just keep a spare key somewhere accessible in case you lose your truck keys in the snow or something...


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An eyebolt passing thru a slot cut in the spade blade, with either a padlock or cable thru the eye.
But I don't like the whole 'festooning the rig with stuff' idea. Probably too many years in the Marines trying to put camo nets over all the snags on a vehicle.

/yeah yeah, no nets in FashionExpo.

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I purchased an Australian take down shovel (D and straight handle capabilities) it came with a nice bag which is great as I store it in its broken down configuration inside my super crew F150 no worries about dirt or theft and it assembles in no time at all!

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I went with a Raduis Garden spade because it is easy to lock through the handle, a little longer and more sturdy than other "D" type handles.

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I saw these in use on my neighbors rig at Overland Expo West last year. Could probably drill a hole through the clamping bolt and put a lock on it. They are pretty inexpensive. Search for stage lighting clamps. The make several different sizes and styles.61tLdsAsv4L._AC_SX425_.jpg

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