Should I sell it or keep it?


Need some outside unbiased feedback. Debating about keeping or replacing my '00 Dodge Dakota. I've had it since new, now has 132K on it. One of my biggest issues right now is that there is no longer a lift available, hasn't been for a few years, so at this point it's whatever I can get from the torsion bars or a SAS ($5,000 avg. cost). You can click on my link in my sig. for some buildup info on it. If I were to replace it, I'm looking at a 7.3 Excursion, late 90's 3/4 ton Suburban or mid '00's Dodge Ram 3/4 ton.

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5.9 360 cu in V8 so parts are available
mechanically sound
interior in excellent shape (carpet needs pulled and cleaned underneath from a coolant leak)
Body is straight

No lift available, Solid Axle Swap is about $5,000 or torsion bars could be cranked up
All 4 doors have minor rust spots at the bottom non-hing corners (about $900 to fix)
Truck needs repainted, paint is faded bad, but no outside rust or damage (was quoted $1,900 to repaint and repair the rust by Maaco)
C205 front axle is the weakest link
Poor mileage 10.5 city/12 mph highway
Torsion bars need replaced
Rear springs need replaced or add-a-leaf


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Tough call, I had a 99 Dakota, 5.2L V-8, 5 speed manual transmission, 4wd...I SO wanted to like that truck. I got rid of it in less than 2 years. It wasn't that it was a bad truck, it just wasn't good at anything. Crappy fuel economy, not a full size truck, limited aftermarket support (although I did have a Rancho lift on mine), for me it had the economy of a 3/4 ton in an over grown mini truck body, just didn't meet my needs.


Tough call, really what you have to factor in is how much will it cost you to fix it and get it to where you want it to be as opposed to how much it's worth. If the repairs are going to cost more than the truck then I'd say that it wouldn't be worth it. How much do you think you could get for it if you let it go?


hard to say, trade in is about $3,500 since it's loaded, to sell it outright I'd maybe get $5,500 for it. If you look at the pics of it on my build-up, I do off-road the truck regularly, granted it's not going to run to Panamint City or Rubicon, it's been over Mosquito Pass here in Co. a couple of times, as well as few other trails. If I just replace the t-bars and adjusters is about $400, rear springs maybe $500.


With those numbers I'd keep it, you own it outright and you don't have to worry about a payment. If it only takes 900 to settle the suspension, you might as well drive it until the doors fall off. That is unless there is something out there that you want that you could get for $5,500. In the end though I've gone though a few rigs until I found the right one so I understand the feeling of not being happy with something and looking for a change.

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It is already a set up 4x4 I think the right solid axle set up in the front and new springs in the rear could be done
cheaper than $5000.00 Find the parts in a wrecking yard and a couple red neck 4 x 4 friends and bust out the welder.

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If you have a thought in your mind to sell it, then just sell it. Somewhere, there are thoughts that it doesn't do this or that, or that it's not quite whatever enough, or you wouldn't have started this thread. In the end, it's just a vehicle. They really are a dime a dozen. Although, yours is more like a 50 cent piece. Kinda oddball.


HEHE 132k is nothing. A couple of years ago I sold my 1994 Dakota for $2,500, it had over 270k on the odometer. It had a V6 engine, when it was new it got about 23mpg, when I sold it it still got about 19 on the highway. I had put heavy duty V8 torsion bars on the front, tweaked up to about 2" lift and had blocks under the rear axle. The only reason I got a "new" truck was beause I needed more ground clearance. What I have now is a 2006 Ram2500 CDT with about a 3" lift.

I think body lifts are not the way to go....they don't give you any more ground clearance.
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