Should I buy a jeep


Toyota Tacomas are great trucks but Wrangler are just plain cool. Top and doors off, unique, one of a kind, great off road and great after market support... If that doesn't do it for you then just get a pick up truck that happens to be a Toyota.
They both have their problems, but for trekking, I think I would want a pickup.

I think the biggest problem with the Toyota is the lack of available hard core aftermarket parts, like the t-case and the front axle/suspension. Jeep has the front end, but the build quality doesn't stack up well against the Toyota.

Neither of them have great motors anymore, so if I were buying a Jeep, I would go with a 4.0L six (even with their known issues) and if I were buying a Toyota, I would get one with the 4.0L V6.

Some don't think that either manual transmissions are any good, but that has not been my experience. I loved the NV3550 in my 2003 Rubicon and I also love (and use whenever I can) the RA60F Toyota 6spd. Both of them feel like a proper truck trans. On that note, LC Engineering now makes heavy flywheels for the RA60F equipped trucks and they are a nice improvement, adding low end torque and smoothing out some of the throttle hang issues with shifting.


I am not sure if buy the Toyota is more reliable than other vehicles anymore.

My 4Runner 4.0 V6 had head issues at 170K. Seems to me somewhat common in certain years with that motor. My kids Chevy Cavalier has been more reliable then my 4Runner.

I beat the hell out of my TJ 4.0l and it comes back for more. Even if it has problems a Jeep I6 4.0 rebuild is far less than a Toyota 4.0 V6 rebuild.

I think the trans in a TJ and the 4Runner 4.0 bot5h have very good reputations.
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Found 'my' perfect Jeep though, a 2004 Wrangler Unlimited w/automatic, 4.5" lift, 35" tires, ARB air lockers, lots of etc. I recently installed an Atlas II transfer case, and now it's perfect. I'd never consider it as an overland vehicle though, it's designed for rocks of Moab, and other hard-core rock crawling. And going to town for a 12ver of cold beer. I have 25K into it total.

I saw a Tacoma TRD the other day, was very impressed. I'd go with the Toyota over a Jeep if overland travel, RTT and all the whistles and bells, is your plan. If you want a rugged truck for exploring, and gonna pitch a tent, I'd go with the Jeep.
I have an '04 TJ Unlimited too. 35s, Currie Dana 44s front and rear, Detroit locker rear and ARB locker front, 4:88s, 4-1/2" lift, Genright longarm, Genright tank, auto, tummy tuck, Warn winch, bumpers, sliders, full armor, etc. Im about $20K into it and once I find a 4:1 case (or Atlas or Rubicrawler) Ill be done. I also have an '11 Tacoma double cab TRD OR with a Softopper, sliders, 265/75 Duratracs, and a few other goodies. The Jeep drives great on the highway, is an absolute beast on the trails, but the Tacoma is hands down the better choice for overlanding and camping because of the extra capacity, comfort, and towing capacity. It won't comfortably tow a lot of weight in the mountains but it handles weight and towing a helluva lot better than the TJ. And the Taco will get me into and out of pretty much anyplace I need to be and a lot of places I really shouldn't.


I've got 65k on my 13 JKU and haven't had any problems with it. So far, much more reliable than my wife's 06 Subaru. I've not driven a Taco in a long time, but I drove my brother-in-law's brand new 4Runner and didn't like it at all. It seemed heavy and slow and that's saying a lot when compared to a JKU.

I don't think Toyota has that much of a reliability edge anymore. The Tacoma is a nice truck and will serve you well, but they're boring IMHO. If you live some place where you get nice weather for a while, the Jeep with the top down is hard to beat. Even errands on a Saturday can be fun in a Jeep. The 3.6 engine is a solid choice. Add the after market support and off-road capabilities, I go Jeep. But then again I did, so I'm for sure biased..... Good luck!
i have owned both at the same time.

You can build a toyota pretty well BUT even well built it won't go where a Jeep rubicon goes. I have friends that live down the street from me. They operate a website like this one ( TAP) and the wife has a jeep jku with AEV on it the husband has a toy both are lifted with winches and full protection. Very well done. Recently they bougt another jeep black to go with their grey one I asked the about it and they said the tacoma just could keep up or go places with the Jeep this was after a 10 day trip in colorado. Both are extremely popular. both are nice. The sitting position for me just isn't that good in the toy and It seems to have gotten worse for me with a new one, I have 172,000 miles on my jeep it has the old 3.8 motor in it. I am going to buy a new JL and hope to do some camping in it. You might consider geeting a jee rubicon 4 dr and an ursa minor camper to go with it. Check out the ursa minor posts. That is a very fine set up. Then again there is the comraderie of the jeep clan. it is pretty epic.
so when iasked my self a similar question which to keep the "Jeep or Tacoma" i chose the jeep and have never ever regretted it. and by the way I had the flip pac on my tacoma
so if i were to answer your question I would


buy a jeep a 4 door rubicon. then travel roof top tent Ursa minor or sleep in the back it is all good.


2016 JKUR, for overlanding my gripes would be, rear cargo room and aero/engine power. I have installed a gobi rack to solve the cargo space and stiffer suspension to handle the load. I wish it has a v8, it just a hard time after the rack, lift and 35s doing 70mph on the freeway.

Compared to my FZJ80, it has the same driving characteristic as the jeep though the JK drives better, being obviously 20yrs older and a bit heavier. Yet the 80 is built like a tank and quite a bit roomier than the JKU. It is definitely suited better for overlanding and for your budget it will be a good candidate if you are looking for a Jeep that is built by Toyota.

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Dam this is going to be a hard choice.
Just wait a year or so and buy the Jeep JL truck, it will have the conveinence of the Tacoma but with the hard core utility of a Jeep. Plus it sounds as if you can drop the top, windshield and shed the doors if you are so inclined.

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My 2015 Jeep JKUR has been without any major issues in the 28k miles it has covered.
The electronic swaybar disconnect stopped working and Jeep replaced under warranty.
The seat heaters don't work that well, and I don't like the 3.6/auto drivetrain at all.
I doubt I'd ever buy another Jeep Wrangler, but this one has been much better than I anticipated as far as build quality and reliability.


Its obvious when I mention its going to be all down to preference: Go drive both of them and see what fits your needs best!

Toyota's are known for their outstanding reliability, my 2004 Tundra has 202k on the clock and is 14 years old with no major repairs (knock on wood). Jeeps on the other hand have some issues in that department.

Personally I love the long wheelbases, for excursions and highway driving nothing beats it. The new jeeps however look amazing and that's a fact! With sliders and proper skids/armor I've been able to go wherever they go though....

Good luck with your quest!


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This makes a pretty good overlanding vehicle too. I had to make a similar choice a while back and I can tell you for a fact there are few more capable offroad vehicles than Jeep. Equally prepared a JK will leave almost everything else behind. If you just want to cover some offroad miles then the Taco (or similar) may be the better choice for you, but if you want to get away from folks the Jeep might be the right option. Sure. it aint no Cadilac on the hiway and it does not get great mileage...but it will hnadle the weight of all the camping crap you will add to it. A fully built Taco with a topper of some sort can weigh will need some some serious suspention, gearing, etc work to handle that. Plus at that weight the Taco gets about 200 miles a tank. I do long for more storage space...but I said that with my 2500 crew seems we all have slightly more crap than the available space we have. You could pull a trailer behind either one to aleviate weight and add some space.

I still wonder if I made the right choice...a flatbed FWC Hawk on my 2500 diesel would be darn sweet...but once I hit the trails I have little doubt.


I had a 01 TJ Sport w/Rubicon axles, 3" lift and 33s. It was only good to drive onroad to get to offroad. 16mpg. I put 50,000 miles offroad on it. No maintenance issues.
I now have a 13 JK Sport w/Rubicon axles, 3.5" lift and 35s. It is perfect onroad as well as offroad. 19mpg. It's been on every trail that I did in the TJ. 50,000 miles so far w/no maintenance issues.
I've had Nissan mini trucks in the past and the 13 Jeep is leaps and bounds better offroad and you can't drop a top or take the doors off for the same mpg and price.
Long trips I take my offroad tent trailer. If you see MAX TRAX being carried on a Jeep, that guy doesn't know how to drive a Jeep.