should I buy a G?


I have the chance to buy a 1985 280GE petrol british spec G, what do you guys/gals think...not too excited about the petrol part but it comes with some decent BFG AT's, possibly MT's but I haven't seen it in person yet. Its a 9 seater, expo white:exclaim:, 5 door...they want 1750 GBP but it has been for sale for awhile...4x4's aren't exactly popular right now. I could probably get the price way down. Anyone have any experience/opinions on this model?


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1750 GBP = 2575 USD

In USA, asking price for mid-1980s 5 door petrol Gelandewagens is more than $10K, usually more than $12K, sometimes as much as $20K for very clean low mileage examples.

Because of the USA emissions and safety rules, this 1985 vehicle would have to wait until 2010 (or whenever 25 years from the date of manufacture would be) before it could legally be registered in USA. Assuming your G-Wagen is in good condition without too many miles driven, you could buy the G-Wagen, drive it for a year, then sell to a USA buyer with a profit of as much as 10,000 USD = 6800 GBP.

Just a thought!

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The diesels are more tractable when doing off road, all of them have front and rear lockers standard as well as PTO.


more info

a little more info on the G, 126,000 mi on the clock, new gearbox at 112,000 mi, bull bar...extensive service and ownership history. I think I need to go see it in person, if at least for the investment possibilities. Theres no point in holding out for a 300D because I wasn't really looking for a G, this one just happens to be available. I'll probably buy it and start sinking money into it and then not want to sell it again.

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The only thing that would put me off a petrol G is the fuel consumption. Diesel would be a keeper.


Lots of silly opinions on this one. Look, for a lousy $3k, anything that runs is a bargain. And who cares if its petrol, he has no choice, this is the vehicle thats available and unlikely to stumble upon a diesel for this (or any) price. And who cares about resale value? Thats what caused alot of this financial mess.

Buy what you want and use it, use it up for this price. Lifes too short.


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Wow, Shogun - woke up on the wrong side of the bed?

$3000 for a truck you don't want/need is $3000 more than you should spend on it. While it is a screaming deal here in the US, I would still only buy it if I was in the market for another truck.

After all, unnecessary consumption is what got us into this mess :p


$3000 for a truck you don't want/need is $3000 more than you should spend on it. While it is a screaming deal here in the US, I would still only buy it if I was in the market for another truck.
I'm with you on this one. The OP's here in the UK, and while Gs are still silly money here, they are not as silly as over there. On the other hand, petrol is well over US$5/USgal.


Regarding diffs and PTO.

I think this differs between the different countries.

Here in Norway, both front and rear difflocks, and PTO was optional, at least up to -91.

A friend of mine owns a 230GE without any lockers or PTO. Do belive its an -85

My -87 has difflocks both front and rear. No PTO though . . . .

And regarding fuel consumption? Get ready for 1,5 or more for every 10 kilometers.

But what anice sound on that straight six


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Er.. this from a guy with 2 FJs, an FJ55, an LX470, and a Defender 110... Personally, I still find $3K a lot to spend and "use up" a vehicle, no matter how nice it may be.

where do you live, that 3k can even buy a vehicle that runs for more than a year w/o having to dump 3k or more into it? i really fail to see where my hoard has any bearing on your point, when 3k is below the reliable 4wd threshold anyway. unless youre damn lucky, thats beater truck fundage.