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I've realized that while a good 95%~ of the adventures I do end up on the front page of Expedition Portal...there's always room for those in the moment, possibly random tidbits.

Whether it be a cool restaurant or campsite, a great bar or secluded location, my plan is to post it up here.

Think of it as a facebook post for ExPo...
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So, we're driving to a campsite somewhere in the Carrizo Plains tonight and stopped at this place called Big Bubbas Bad BBQ. Apparently it used to be a shack, now it's gone total Disney world-esqe family restaurant.


They do have a mechanical bull though...

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Dave Druck [KI6LBB]
Shame you don't have time to stop by on your way back, but have fun in Carrizo. It's a great place for a beer expedition :D


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I thought my RHD Land Rover was great for messing with people...the J8 really, really messes with them.

Especially at the gas pump.

The best one today was...

"Stop you're putting diesel in that Jeep"