shelter for you and your motorbike


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wonder what that weighs compared to a nice 2 man tent.

Of course I could all ways throw it in the chase van, oh wait I don't have one : (


I have that tent plus a smaller 3 man Marmot. When I'm by myself I use the Marmot. When I'm with the wife I use the Redverz. The Redverz was all her idea. She likes being able to stand up and not feeling cramped. I don't mind having her around when she's happy. The bike is normally parked out, we use the garage portion to hang out when the weathers bad. When you consider the price of hotels this tent will pay for itself in a week.


As an owner of this tent I find it kicks *** over my multiple two man tents any day. A bit heavier indeed but who the hell cares if you not riding on single track rocky soft sand stuff. A two man tent is a miserable experience in all but the best weather. I was elated the first time I set it up and was able to stand and put on my riding gear in the comfort of the interior. Draw back is it is not free standing and that can be a PITA on hard ground.


There are moments I am envious of the ability to stand and have privacy while camped with others (KOA's). The price is a bit prohibitive.


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If your motorcycle needs a house, you need a different motorcycle
Sometimes it's nice to have a little shelter from things other than the elements...

Not an expo trip, but when I was a kid I spent several summers working as a merit badge counselor at a Boy Scout summer camp. One year I rode my street bike (Yamaha Seca Turbo), and parked it in one side of my canvas wall tent.

My intent was not to protect it from the weather, but mischief. Worked, mostly...