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Seems like a long time coming, but I finally made and added taller hood blocks to space the windshield up higher when folded. The wiper arm would touch the hood with my first set of blocks. Hood took a slight wack to the paint at one point and I had to remove the wiper arm before folding the glass. Some times simple tasks take the longest to accomplish. I also polished the paint before installing the new blocks to give the paint underneath a bit more of a seal before being covered up.0A636843-99F9-4AD4-B397-FF41D717D6CC.jpeg7C6D988F-97AA-4E15-88B1-421A8A7B5501.jpegD4864602-FD1E-484D-906E-38F19B4507A9.jpegBE266669-6591-4B92-99CE-06D0C4796E62.jpeg7D727C80-B701-4157-B051-6316DE50A1A6.jpeg03F862E5-370C-4D81-A802-6530A7ADD8D9.jpeg09FE1FA7-978E-4CFE-B5AF-515EBF8E27A8.jpeg