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It is truly inspiring to see how many great travel stories appear within the Expedition Portal forums. If you have a story you would like to not just share in an open thread, but also as a featured article on our home page, please shoot me an email. If your story is compelling, it might even be worthy of placement in Overland Journal.

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I did the Great Loop boat trip solo in pontoon boat in summer of 2010. 5200 miles in two months. Here is the website with pics if you think this is still timely. Plan a transamerica trail trip this summer either by motorcycle or truck.
DUDE that's awesome!! I'm from cape canaveral, FL and always wanted to take my jetski down the intercoastal to Miami. That's on a whole different level!

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All the best rubensLF.Hope your journey will be successful.Full of adventurer life.
I checked your facebook page and it is very interesting.
Truly inspiring story of all guys who showing great adventure.


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hello ruben, you have nice family and nice looking pictures hope you enjoyed a lot with your family. share us more traveling images thanks in advance


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What has 18 legs and wanders the earth

Hi My ñame Is Wyatt Foley and i am probably 1 of the few 14 year olds traveling the globe. for The past year We have traveled in our FourWheelCamper and our Tepui tent on a bivouac camping trailer.We started our Amazing journey by off by selling our 4,000 square foot house and 3 acers of Land to start a diferent script.please check us out at


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Hello, I am Mark Wilson. Long ago I spent 3 years living on a ship. It was a pretty amazing ship, full of fabulous people all committed to helping people as it sailed around Africa. In reality, long-term living on a ship is a mash-up of both the amazing and the awful. But the funny thing is that I don't really remember how awful and disgusting it was. I mostly remember the blue dress and how much we laughed and enjoyed to the fullest. :sombrero:


I am about to start A drive from Sicily to Dubai Starting Dec 24th, 2016

This is my first posting here. As part of my mission to help sign up one Million Organ Donors with my Million Donor Project, I have begun to countdown the start of the third in a series I call the Gift of Life Adventure (GOLA). The first one was a cycling adventure in Span six months after I donated a Kidney to my brother who also came long to show that life can be extraordinary if not ordinary even after a live organ donation. The second of GOLA was an overland adventure from Bangalore to Scotland driving over 31000 KMs in 72 days where we were a team of 7 in 2 cars (both 2010 models) Toyota Fortuner Diesel 3.0 Liter Turbo and a Mitsubishi Pajero SFX 2.8 Liter Turbo Diesel. All blogs of my journey so far are available on our FB page gift of life adventure and million donor project also our videos are available on our youTube channel Giftoflifeadventure.

Would love to post the video and image links but seems like I have no permission for that.
Looking forward to interacting with you guys during my adventure.
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2 months in Baja

2002 f350 super duty 7.3 liter 4x4 Ambulance by McCoy Miller

We recently updated from our 83 Chevy G30 4x4 Short Bus to our ambulance.
16142606_10155004912757390_4248128229579123272_n.jpg16406816_10155050792787390_1305639041175312264_n.jpg16425960_10154080698111637_3952926216762358581_n.jpg16142606_10155004912757390_4248128229579123272_n.jpg16406816_10155050792787390_1305639041175312264_n.jpg16425960_10154080698111637_3952926216762358581_n.jpgMy wife and I just returned from putting it through the paces during the past two months in Baja.

Deep Sand, Many miles of some of the worst washboard roads I've been on, Major rain storms provided for some deeper than expected creek crossings at 3.5 feet. 16 point turns on hill sides between Palm Trees. It was awesome!