SETO - the DR(D4-7R) Moto


Sorry to hear about the challenges you've been dealing with. Glad to hear you're working on putting your life back together. In my experience with putting my life back together ten years ago, is that I'm a much stronger person for having gone through it.
You're leaving one of my favorite small towns, to move to one of my favorite cities.
I spent a year in the Seattle area back in the mid eighties. With all the outdoor opportunities that exist in the Pacific Northwest I think you've chosen a great place to start over.


Hey man life happens. It's how you pick the threads up and re-weave them that matters..

Sweet looking bike. Post some pics up if you get a chance.


Overland Hadley

on a journey
Thanks for the kind words. I have gone through many tough things in my life, each time I try to come out the other side stronger and better. So far so good.

I have lost track of what mods I have posted about and what I haven't. So ask up if you see anything you have a question about.

The bike now is double dropped and double raised, i.e. double drop on the footpegs and double raise on the handle bars. And it feels good!

Just today I installed a set of Pivot Pegs. They are awesome! Took a little bit to get the pivot in the right spot underfoot, but I think I got it. Three hours of standing while flying about on the forest service roads this afternoon, all good!

Photos to come.

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