Serious Talk - Considering a "disposable" pop-up TC


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Just counted nine separate pop ups under $6000 advertised in the Az/NMx/WestColo CL pages. Many more at higher prices there too.

Pacific Northwest yetti

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Hallmark, and Outfitter have an Option for a bunk bed that slides out from the undercab, as well as the both dinette' great for sleeping kids. That hallmark is a pretty good deal.

The Northstar extra beds i have seen have been well built, NS is also well known for great customer service.


I agree with DWH. My so-called quality Hallmark has required constant repair with screws falling out and the wood frame failing. My previous FWC also needed minor repair.
I would. You can always add some screws and sealant if it loosens up over time. No matter what it is, it isn't going to just fall apart strewing bits and pieces in your wake.