Separate Body from Frame 1999 MB G320 (W463)


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Hello, I have 1999 MB G320 (W463). Due to heavy rust, I want to completely clean, sandblast and repaint the frame and underbody. To do this once and correctly, I want to remove/separate the body from the frame, but I wasn't able to find detailed, step-by-step instructions anywhere. I would be very grateful for your help and advice on how to do it correctly, more efficiently and avoid costly mistakes. Thank you in advance for your help...


If you need to ask for "step-by-step" directions you should most likely leave it to professionals. I'm not trying to be a DIK but just stating that someone asking these ???'s most likely doesn't have the tools or the space or the knowledge to undertake something of this caliber. You might want to ask over on the clubgwagon forum for any hints. Good luck