Semi-flexible 50W solar


I have the panel, 5A charge controller and 50 feet of 10AWG cable for sale. I prefered to set this up away from the vehicle rather than park in the sun, hence the 50 feet of cable with a tiny integrated charge controller. I ran a SAE connector from the battery down to the front bumper.

$100 $80 shipped inside continental US.

1.8A on a cloudy day. I have seen 4A on a sunny day.
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About 5 minutes ago I happened across your post from 2016 on here about using this with a group 34 battery. Then I pulled the new posts and here was the for sale thread! Did you do with a different setup or do you just no longer have the need for this solar setup?


Hi...thanks for looking. With the style of travel we do (moving camp every day) I haven't really found the need to carry or use the solar. It's only needed if you stay at a spot for more than a night.

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