Selling a homebuilt trailer to a private party (CA)


So I built a 5x10 utility trailer and registered it as such (ie. custom/homemade). It has a VIN sticker and license plate on it. I also have the registration paper from the DMV. If I were to sell this to someone else in California, what steps do I need to take?

What steps do they need to take?

I know obviously they use the VIN for them to register it and possibly my registration paper but what about a bill of sale?

Do I keep my license plate so I'm not responsible if they decide to use my plate and not register the trailer under their name (because registering it themselves would get them their own plate anyway)?

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Tail-End Charlie
Bill of sale to buyer, release notification (tear off from title) to DMV.

Make two copies of bill of sale, get buyer/seller sigs on both, keep one for yourself.

I usually just dummy up something like:

I (seller name) do hereby sell and transfer ownership of vehicle (vin number), license plate (plate number and state) to (buyer name) for the amount of (dollar figure).

I hereby release and relinquish all rights to and responsibilities for above vehicle.

Vehicle is sold as is.

(names, addresses, driver's license numbers, and signatures of seller and buyer) (and date)

You can notify the DMV online. Do that immediately so if he gets a ticket on the way home it's on him, not you.


plates go with wvin number if you keep the plates YOU HAVE competed a crime the buyer can sue you will get fined by dmv just get the release most trailers don't even have a pink