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As a former motorcyclist, I started getting the bug again. This time, started the early planing for a ride from California to Alaska, or from Alaska home. So the first requirement of course is a bike. I'm leaning (no pun intended) toward a used BMW 1150GS, but open to other makes and models (for a few days I was planing on recreating the Sportster from the TV show Then Came Bronson) The other odd question is, ship the bike to Alaska and ride south, or sell it once I'm done with it up there. I'm not sure I have the time for a round trip. Thanks in advance.


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At least one year of the 1150 had an issue with the driveshaft. Bearings I think. As I recall the dealer would fix it under warranty.

I'd want to do some homework on that to make sure that I got a bike that either wasn't one of the year with the problem, or if so, had the problem already dealt with.

Check Craigslist to see what they sell for up there. But it could take a while to sell, so maybe not such a great idea unless you advertised it before the trip and maybe had a buyer already lined up.


If your going to sell it up there I would try to buy the cheapest bike that will do what you need it to do.
Maybe a KLR650,there cheap and robust and hold there value pretty well.

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well first question is what is your budget? As for 1150 I have one and been all over the place close to 90k miles at this point i had to rebuild final drive once not a high pricetag if you think about ( replacing chains and sprockets in a long run gets pricey) KLR is a good mule it will get you there maybe and parts are everywhere for them. I would go with something that has low maintenance with not that many electronics like new bikes have.


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How big are you? The 1150 was a tall beast. Too tall for my weight and size. Many friends had them only the big dudes still have them. Cool bikes! But The bigger guys are the only ones to hang into them after a few yrs. As they say Size matters ha!


I would say if you're only going to ride slab and do a lot of miles a day comfort is huge. As is availability of aftermarket support. I second that the BMW's are just tall to begin with. I looked into one this spring and just couldn't get over how they feel. They are a wide and heavy bike. It wouldn't be bad for doing a lot of miles a day and can haul gear without an issue. But to me they lack the ability to stand up and ride like its a big dirt bike. Which is why I went with a KTM 990 ADV. If you're looking for a mile killer the bigger bikes like a Super Ten and the BMW GS's are going to be better because they won't wear you out nearly as bad as say the KLR or DR650. A good couple good in between bikes that can be farkled to death are the wee strom and the Versys. Both are proven bikes and offer a decent re-sale value.

Big things to me would be:

1. Am I planning on camping
2. How many miles a day
3. What am I going to be packing on the bike

Good luck!