Seeking Advice on stock 2007 Fuso FG suspension questions


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Hello and thanks for any help you folks might have to offer. Have a 2007 Fuso Fg with dump bed and crane. Have owned for 4 years, use once every two weeks for work. 58,000 total miles. Dump bed and crane installed right from factory, creating a curbside weight of 10,200 lbs.
Problems I'm trying to alleviate.
Notice a vibration in the steering column between 49-55 mph. I rarely drive any faster as I live on an island with top speed of 45, hence never really noticed.
Aligned front end, balanced wheels, new shocks and bushings(factory).
No change.
Front tires were a bit old and cupped, put new ones on, realigned, balanced change.
Where would you folks turn your attention to next?
The truck obviously carries a significant load via dump bed and crane, then I load that to about 14000 lbs two to three times per month.
My front end bump stops are about 1/4 clearance empty, rears about an inch, both show signs of touching and when loaded they are seated. With the constant curb weight of 10200....should I opt for new springs front and rear?
What are the recommended factory clearance for bump stops?
I'm thinking perhaps the vibration in the steering wheel may be from suspension/chassis problem? Problem exists regardless loaded or empty, and 4th or 5th gear. Any help is truly appreciated!!


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On my '07 Fuso when I had similar symptoms it was inner and outer tie rod end, sway bar and drag link that needed a change out. Lift the front up and wiggle the wheels by and side to side should tell you a little more.


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As said above, check those components for wear. If none is found I would say it is your king pin pre-load is to light.