Securing "overlanding" goodies while on the road


I'm in the process of finishing up an M101a2 to use for hunting/camping and family camping. I really like alot of the ideas I get here and other overlanding sites and forums. One thing that has me scratching my head. When you guys build out a trailer, they do look super cool when recovery boards, alumaboxes, rotopax, highlift jacks, etc are mounted externally and on display. However, if you actually are traveling and ever are in a scenario where you are not at your vehicle, how do you secure stuff? Do you pull it all off and lock it away? I'm thinking about spiking out to hunt for several days, or if I decide to pull into a motel for a night for a hot shower, etc. Anybody mounting their "goodies" internally or stealthy somehow?


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I use cables and padlocks on all my external goodies for short stints away from the vehicle. My TRED boards and shovel secure with a single cable and padlock. Propane tank and jerry can secure with another cable/padlock combo. If we stop in a town for lunch en route, I'm generally confident that these are sufficient deterrents for daytime parking on a busy street. The cables only stop casual pilferage, but I'm willing to risk the time it takes to eat a burger or tour a museum against a determined thief with the right tools at noon in a tourist area.

If I am going to be parking overnight in a populated area, all the goodies get moved into the van (or into hotel/motel if I'm really sketched out.) I stopped for a few hours sleep in Reno after a 13+ hour drive a couple years back after wasting a lot of time trying to find a boondock spot in/around Tahoe. Had to park in the Hotel's dark and detached overflow lot since van was too tall for the main garage. EVERYTHING of value went up to my room that night.


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We also use cables for stuff outside - a good choice is the cables you can buy to secure bicycles. We rarely take stuff off to put somewhere else - most places we've been are safe enough, OR are sufficiently insecure that if we're leaving the vehicle for a while we park in a secure parking place.


On my trucks I've always stored everything inside the vehicle. This lowers wind resistance, keeps the COG low, prevents damage from weather, and helps deter potential thieves. If I spend the night at a motel while in transit, or leave the vehicle unattended all day while hiking (or even parked in front of my house), I don't want to have to worry about locking individual items up or moving them to a safer location.


During extended travelling there is no space to put the stuff inside. Because I life inside of the vehicle, it is safe at night too.

Leaving the vehicle alone - in remote areas no problem. In city`s you have to use secure parking - or a very dirty vehicle-...