securing gear inside the trailer ???

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So my box area for the trailer is 44 inches wide and 6 feet long with 30 inch tall sides .... a fridge will slide out the side towards the front of the trailer .... that is about all i know ... rest of gear gets thrown in the back .... 2 or 4 chairs a table ...someday a chuck box .... and i am sure the other 20 somethings that complete the list .....

how is everyone secring the loose gear? .... i understand totes and organization go along way , but still things move

if straps are the answer ..then what do the straps attach to ? ... and i am picturing strapping them down .... what about front to back .... or is it not a worry at all


I get something called footman loops from ACE hardware to run my straps through. Secured to the floor with either bolts or pop rivets. The loops can also be sourced from Amazon and are not very expensive for what they do.


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Box in the fridge slide to keep it free to slide out..... and back in.

Figure where you want the straps and secure them to the floor.... or sides.
Let the straps hang out both side while you load up.
Buy Totes or Boxes to fit the space and the gear and use stuff sacks, sports bags etc to fill the gaps.
Tarp the top plus an elastic spider web thing to help keep the tarp from billowing up with air.
Wrap the straps over and cinch tight

I use these ratchet straps..... and cut them to length.



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Our trailer is basically same size. Our slide out drawer is on the rear tho. I used Plano boxes, fit perfect and stackable. Used a cut to size ratchet tie down when needed. Hope pics help explain it better.
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I have 2 load bars from harbor freight. I put 3 water cans across the back of trailer and a bar directly in front of them, the 3 plano boxesfollowed by another bar. The front of the trailer is packed with stove, skottle and the soft things to pack tightly. This seems to work very well. The trailer is a 1967 M416.