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howdy guys, have decided to build another camper.this will have a double bed, water tank, kitchen and will have composite aluminium panels for internal and external cladding.the door will be in the rear and lift upwards to allow planning on having a canvas zip up wall with fly screen just inside the rear door so the rear can be left open to allow air and privacy511803


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Just my $0.0001 . . . looks like a long slender tongue that could be doubled up part of the way.

Wearing a mask when welding the galv. steel?
howdy guys , I do plan on some type of insulation, the pull is only 5 foot long and made from 75x50x3mm thick and has a 50x50x2mm stiffener.aiming for about 80-100kgs of ball a welder/boiler maker by trade and have 6 year of torture welding galv silos and field bins and I don't miss it at all512060512061512062
have decide to fit door on side at front, kitchen will pull out side from under bed, rear access under bed and the lower storage box will house the electrics514131

What are the storage boxes in the pics above?
howdy guys, have been busy the last months so haven't really achieved as much as I would have liked.are planning on doing a 4-6 week trip from pt Lincoln to Cooktown in may so might have too make time.the box on the front is a plastic pelican case where the electric brake controller and the joolca gas hot water heater lives.i keep changing things as I go so this slows my progress as well.most of the electrics are now complete and there is still a few hours of welding, then the internal cladding can start.cheers scruff
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finally getting a bit done and are hoping to have all internal panels glued on tomorrow.using sika 291 to fix wall and liquid nails to attach insulationDSC_1015_1024x768.jpgDSC_1016_1024x768.jpgDSC_1017_1024x768.jpgDSC_1018_1024x768.jpg


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