Seating Options


Ok all. So as I sit here in pain from lower back problems over the last several weeks, still waiting for ortho to give me an MRI I am contemplating things. Not able to do things like normal, but so far been given the 'ok' by the doc even though a lumbar disc issue is highly suspect as contrary as it is. I am turning my attention towards my truck - seating. As in my sig, I have a '97 F350. Well built so far. The factory seats (and overall ride) is significantly more comfortable than my '06 TJ; however, I fear as age continues, long trips, especially on the backroads, will be come more challenging and painful, and thus reduce the desire to do them. So I'm beginning to look into seat options for the future.

Chris swears by Scheel-Mann Vario F XXL seats as seen here:

Wondering if anyone else has similar experience with these, or might have other recommendations Fortunately the factory seats in the truck are pretty ok for now, but after 600 miles over the last 2 days, I know something different in the future will be needed.


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