Seat Covers Recommendations Gen II Monty?


I usually end of getting some auto shop crap covers..ah well. They don't stretch, but sometimes the foam on the inside shreds in to a million pieces underneath making for some oh so great clean up. I just picked up some "saddle blanket" seat cover from Oreilly's by me here. $40, kind of expensive for something that isn't a better fit and probably won't make it through this year, but I like the look and I can only hope for the best!
<<these are the expensive version of what I have. Mine were only $40 and are 'universal' fit. :D


Nwoods, did you get your Cabela's seat covers delivered and/or installed. I was looking at going the same route. I'd love to see pics when you can.


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I received them, but haven't installed them yet. I laid them over the seat to size them up and realized that installing them is a bit involved. There is a lot of Velcro, straps, and draw strings to allow a good fit, but it might take an hour or two to get them to sit "just so". They feel well made and the material seems like it will hold up well and hopefully not get too hot. I havent been home sunce the day they arrived, but I think I'm scheduled to be home this weekend (?), so hopefully I'll get it done. I will for sure post up photos.


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Not yet available unfortunately and what they do have available isn't available for the montero although I didn't see if there was a generic offering.


I have these from Cabela's on my '92 Gen 2. Fit good, and really cannot beat the price. Fronts are $20 each;MMcat104796180;cat104697180;cat104558580

I have these in my AWD Astro that I use for most my camping adventures and group mt bike/ski/dog trips. Had them for about 20k so far and they've held up well, are comfortable, don't get hot and have nice pockets on the back (very handy for flashlights, toothbrush/paste, maps, sun shades and stuff). You can secure them on the seat pretty well and they don't shift around. Mine are mostly waterproof too. Great for my uses and for for the price. :costumed-smiley-007
Aside from anything truly custom or the spendy fitted neoprene covers they are the nicest I've used.

Oh yeah, and mine are camo too :snorkel:

Edit: not really difficult to install but the more time you take working your way down on the lacing the better. Lacing is nice for sticking other stuff too.
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I finally got around to installing the seat covers in my Monty. I used the Cabela's units linked above, and I am pretty happy with them Certainly can't beat the price. They seem quite well made, fit pretty well, and don't seem to be too hot.

Some cell phone photos:






Looks great but for anyone else looking at these I highly recommend the camo!! Hides stains well and love the looks my friends give me when they see them!


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The Cabela's covers look like a good fit. I may need pick a couple of those up. (Any excuse to go wander around Cabela's)

On a related note, has anyone found a good option for a middle row seat cover?

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