SE: Free ARB Fridge Remote with Fridge Purchase - 6/15 thru 8/15


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Tired of ice???? After owning an ARB fridge for over the past decade.....I will never go back for my overland adventures.

I just got a new 37 L ARB fridge. LED light is pretty nice. Plus having digital temp. read out is sure fancy. The remote has sure added to the overall system in a great way. Just turn the thing on and forget about it.

About the offer:

Free ARB Fridge Remote with Fridge Purchase. Offer is good from 6/15/15 - 8/15/15. Fridges are in stock ready to shipped out. This is an $80 value. Official rules can be found HERE.

See Sierra Expeditons for more details:

ARB Fridges Here:

PLUS....All items over $100 ship free (Restrictions apply). You can get free shipping and a free remote for a great fridge.

Again...Offer expires on 8/15/15.