Scout Campers - new and look promising

Ran across these today:

Love the simple approach, propane fireplace, the rooftent with access from inside, etc.

Very eager to see the bigger "Kenai" model they mention as coming in the Fall and having an inside bathroom. If that one stays true to the concept, still having the rooftent, and early owner reports are positive, I think I might have found the camper to put on an F350.

From the maker of Adventurer and Eagle Cap campers, which seem to be pretty well-built traditional truck campers.

If we ever get out of lockdown, I may have to take a day trip from Seattle to Yakima - Los Hernandez Tamales, Bale Breaker Brewery, and a trip to look at campers sounds like a good day to me.


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Thx for posting this info. If you do go visit the factory, pls report back to us.

Pretty innovative, cool looking Campers....well,at least from the little info I could see on their sparse website. I’m bookmarking it for when they add some more pics.

But, what I really want to get is that RTT they’re putting on the roof of their campers, with its interior entry install on top of a camper shell! 😎
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Too heavy. Olympic model, only one currently available, designed for mid-sized trucks base weight is 1133 lbs. fully loaded I would be at least 500 lbs over the GVWR of my Tacoma. I could do it, but I bet my truck would not last long.
MuleShoer: where did you get that? From their website it is for mid-sized trucks:
''The Olympic is the first model of the Scout fleet. This highly versatile lightweight truck camper is built for adventurous families, minimalist travelers, and weekend warriors. This is because unlike other truck bed campers, it can sleep up to 6 individuals, support off-grid travels, requires little energy to operate, and fits mid-size import and domestic trucks. "


First look at the dimensions, second is the all the pictures are on a tundra and third the smaller model model will be out this summer also you can email ryan at scout


Like the simplicity of the interior

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I like it, not too different than what I would design, maybe a bit too high when closed.


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This camper is pretty much exactly what I'd want in a hard sided camper, and I really like the look and materials choices. I feel like for such a pared down model, that their price point is a bit high. I would think that composites would drive the price up a bit, but $30k for a fully optioned almost shell model is more than I'd spend.

I think $12k for the basic, and $18 fully loaded would be more in line (even then, there aren't very many options according to the article to justify an extra $10k). The pop top should be standard for that basic price.

I hope they sell a ton of them and the industry takes notice. Truck campers have been living off of 1950's design principles for far too long.


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Ran across these today:

If we ever get out of lockdown, I may have to take a day trip from Seattle to Yakima - Los Hernandez Tamales, Bale Breaker Brewery sounds like a good day to me.
Thx for posting this info. If you do go visit the tamale factory, pls report back to us.
I freestyled the quotes a bit... The campers look good, and having owned an Adventurer I can say they are built fairly well. Mine was an ‘07 so I’m sure the materials and technology has improved a bit in the past dozen years.

My main interest is in the tamales though! I’ll definitely have a look into those!