Scott Brady’s weekend with an Earthcruiser


It didn't sound like he was too crazy about the highway driving part though. Anyone else have a different opinion. Like most people, at least 95% of my driving would be on the Interstate getting to a location. I don't think I would be happy about not being able to run at least 70 MPH.

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Yes, our SMB will run 80mph all day for sure. I think the new EXD 350 EarthCruiser is developing on the F350 chassis may be the answer to that issue. With either the V8 gas engine or the diesel, highway speeds should be no problem. We are hoping to stop by there in a month or so and see what they are doing with it.


If you could get a 4x4 conversion on the Fuso gas unit, it would probably cruise down the road nicely also. Love the Allison 1000 tranny also.

POWERTRAIN: V8 6.0L Gasoline Engine
Powering this brand-new FUSO model is a gasoline engine at twice the displacement of our diesel option – giving you more horsepower and more torque. Add to it the iconic Allison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic transmission for smooth, uninterrupted shifting and exceptional fuel efficiency. And as a FUSO-exclusive option in its segment, the Allison has easily accessible provisions for the application of a broad range of after-market power take-offs (PTOs).
One thing worth mentioning is that the tested drivetrain that is not available in the US. This truck has a 2 speed transfer case and a 5 speed manual. The US truck comes with a single speed t-case and a 6 speed auto-manual. It's available in 2 diff ratios, but either one is going to be a compromise.


We typically set our cruise control at ~65mph on our EC-FX. GPS and a friend following me in a SMB concur that the actual speed is about 70mph and returns an average mpg of 13.5 @ 2800rpm.
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They don't offer factory 4x4 with the gas version?

Is it the GM LS 6.0 L that is used in the isuzu npr?

If so, Magnuson makes a great tvs1900 supercharger for that motor..

Now if they would just add crew cab...and of course 4x4
Quite a recipe. :)

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I run 68-70 with my rig all day long in any temps. I'm quite comfortable sitting in my heated and cooled leather seats. LOL


Mine too...we just drove from San Francisco to Boston in our 340x at twice that speed...

Katherine and I have never felt the need to race by everything interesting at 120kph. You miss all the good fishing spots, lookouts, little towns and most importantly, interesting people. I think you are effed up if you have to race to your destination. For us it is always the journey, otherwise just stay at home.Pit stop.jpg