Scepter Jerry can question

There are two forms of Scepters. One is military that use a non carb compliant nozzle . The other form is the civilian Scepter that has a carb nozzle. The nozzles between the two will not interchange.
#48 you know to go slow opening gas cans when the altitude has changed.
My NATO steel cans that are 6 or 7 years old remain leak-free when carried on their side, which is my standard procedure in order to minimize vehicle height. Scepter fuel cans...based on the 4 or 5 different ones I owned... leak more vapor than the NATO steel cans, and will noticeably stink up any closed space.
Properly maintained the military Scepter tanks will not leak fumes of liquids. If they do leak from the seals it is because they are damaged or need new seals. Most that come from the Military are for diesel. Most of use unleaded and we ruin the seals. If you misuse anything it will wear out faster.
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If you buy the quality Nato cans and not the Chinese crap you will more than likely not have this issue. Trying to save a few bucks will not really gain you anything but heartache.


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Quite possibly I may not know the value of metal cans but I stopped using metal cans after finding rust and corrosion in them.

Recently bought 6 of these 20L Scepter cans with a vent for $14CDN at Costco and gave away my old 25L cans that didn't have a vent.

The new cans reduce the time and effort so much that I now carry 60L (3 cans) more than I did before.

Filled up to the bottom of the neck and left the back of the truck on a 20 degree C day there was no leaks.

Part #03609
RV 5.3 gal./ 20L Military Style Gas Can
Well i can confiem the CBi fuel can holder is tougher then a chevy 2500 thats for sure. Happened the other day on the jobsite. Stuck in mud in 2wd, gave her a shot of gas to try to clear the mud from the tyres. Truck gains traction and goes backwards, front tyres plowing a straight path. Hit the brakes i slide the remainder into the truck on snotty clay. Sigh, not my finest moment.

Damage to chevy, looks worse then it is.

Damage to fuel holder, scratch not even dented/misaligned.

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