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Scepter's military fuel cans (MFC) are manufactured from extra tough, high molecular weight, high-density polyethylene.

The Scepter MFC fuel can exceeds the United Nations - Transport of Dangerous Goods Model Regulations and is Design Registered with Transport Canada, permitting its use universally for the transportation of fuels by all modes - air, sea, rail and road.

They feature seamless construction that is guaranteed never to leak and three integral handles and the flat rectangular shape of the old steel jerry cans that it replaced.

In military live-fire tests, the MFC melts and burns, but it does not explode.


Extra tough, Lightweight seamless plastic construction

Easy-open twist cap and built in internal air vent for vapor expansion

Three top handles permit carrying by two people

Flat rectangular shape fits most off-road jerry can racks

Will Not Rust, Crush or bend and it does not rattle

Designed not to explode when engulfed in a fire, unlike metal cans

Dimensions: 18.5'' x 14.5'' x 7''

Capacity: 20 Liters / 5.28 Gallons

Empty Weight: 6.6LB

Meets DOT Regulations