Scammed on Ebay for a Tepui Autana tent


Just a little message"if the price is too good to be true" then it probably is. I recently made a purchase on Ebay for a Tepui Autana Sky 3 -- Like new here's the kicker "buy it now" $949. shipped free...Now I know what you're thinking BUT I was thinking the guy was new to Ebay an Ebay generally is easy to deal with if there's a problem and I remembered being a new Ebay user years ago an I sold a black widow bow for $250 buy it now an it sold in about 30 seconds because they were going for $500 up. So the guy sent me a USPS priority mail tracking # (1st RED FLAG) The USPS won't deliver anything over 75lbs,so I'm watching the tracking # on line an say's I wasn't home an needed a signature,then I go to the Post office an that "package" was being sent to another address in my town about 5 miles away an it was priority mail so it wasn't over 13oz.-- Present time :Ebay says the package was delivered an signed for SO I have to prove I didn't receive it ,went to the PO today got the delivery conformation for that number(it's not my address) an sent it to Ebay,an that's where it stands now, plus I left the thief the worse rating I could do because it was a scam from the start an I bought it HOOK LINE AN SINKER..But what we can't figure out is how they got a confirmation # number for my town unless they sent something to a random address In Wheeling.I'm going to stop by that address an ask,hopefully I can explain it well enough.


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Sorry man

Make it federal and get the post master involved they have their own cops for just this sort of stuff

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