Saurer 2dm 1968 Expeditionmobile build


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Hi i'm jonas from Switzerland

I would like to introduce my Project here to improve my english

my plan is to build up the truck to make a world trip with it

my choise are a Saurer 2dm Army Truck from 1968

I would like to tell a bit of this Truck

It's a Truck With Permanent Fourwheeldrive made in switzerland from the saurer Company
but this Company does not exist anymore ... the trucks was to expensive becaus high Quality build

it has a 8.1 L 6 cyl Diesel engine direct injection with 135 HP the engine is complete made of aluminium except the cylinder head made of cast iron
a 4 speed Synchromesh transmission with a fast Group and a normal Group so it is actually a 8 speed
a lockable transfere case with low range and a outlet for a mechanical winch
the rear axle has also a locker
the body consists of different materials ! back and roof consits of fiberglass, the Hood is made of aluminium and the front Fenders also made of fiberglass

i bought two trucks :) one for the trip and one for parts

the first Thing i've did was Strip down the old bed

the bed has got new Wood panels

i change the bed because the one with the bed was a Little bit smoky and my choise for the Expedition truck was the left one ( viewed from the front ) he has the better contition with no rust ect.

now i took the gas tank from the other truck to this one

now he has dual tanks and new stainless steel tank holders


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Welcome - looks great! There are a number of us here on this forum with Pinzgauers and even Haflingers - there is even a couple of Saurers too!


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hi !

i have a little update of my project

i have removed the rust on the body and painted it new
i pull out the front windshield and replaced the old windshieldrubber

i removed the old paint from the runningboard with a sandblaster so that they looks shiny

than i build new chequer plate that fits on the front fenders because i think its better to protect the fenders if i have to do something on the engine

it was a huge work to bend the chequer plate into the right position to fit the fenders :exclaim:


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hi !

i have some more new updates

the last 2 weekends i have build the frame of stainlesssteel square tubes

i weld it together with my new miller tig welder from 1971 ! its very old but it welds awesome !

upload the top of the frame on the truck was a bit difficult because i was alone at this day :)



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hi folks

now its time for a update !

i had alot of work and my saurer project had to wait for a wile but a few things happend in the past

in the cristmas time 2017 i put the aluminium pannels on the frame to close the shelter

it was alot of drill .... 1400 rivets and alot of glue :)

yes thats me :)

next step was isolating that thing with 40mm xps plates

put windows in it and had to build a door

thats my girlfriend :) she made her job great !

that thing looks like more and more as a bad ass camper

i will post more updates next week !


Hi jonas, that Saurer looks really good with that body on it.looks like you go in to details and i am impressed with that build.You got a big workshop to use thats a advantage for such a project.
Which part of the world do you intend to travel when the truck is finished? In which part of CH are you? The Dealersplate could say from Kanton Schwyz, but iam not sure.I am from Basel , but live since 82 in Australia.I noticed the orange triangle on one of your Trucks.The Le Routier Swiss Sign.Here a Pic of my miniature sign
Cheers Urs

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