Santana Series IV / Defender 110 Overland Build


Drivetrain in place! Welded in motor mounts and fabbed up tranny mounts from 300tdi cross member. Will weld in cross member now that everything is in place. Looks like 300 tdi driveshaft will fit which are the same length. Dront of engine will get cleaned up as u can see a bunch of surface rust. Need to work on suspension and axles now...



Working on wiring harness. Looks like only 4 wires needed to connect to main wiring - ignition, oil pressure switch, alternator and coolant temp sensor.


Modifying frame for front suspension. Keeping radius arms with 12 inch coil ovwr shock setup. Testing full compression and extension. Camber correcred radius arms very close to the frame.


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Expedition Leader
Looking good.

Do you think it would have been easier to just import a Defender body and frame and then put it together in the states? I've been thing of thinking about going that route. Import the frame first. Then the drivetrain and the frame.


Without customs paperwork for the vehicle there is no way to register it. The Santana by itself was in great condition but I want a more robust overlanding vehicle. I would be changing out the axles and upgrading engine anyway. In retrospect, I probably shouldve bought the cummins I wanted since I have spent a lot of time and money upgrading the 300tdi.


Been awhile since an update.... We have rear suspension axle over leaf in place from Ruffstuff. Gives us 6+ inches of travel which might be too much. But with full exocage, rear drawers, 75quart fridge and build out, another 1k pounds is conservative. We'll see how it settles out. We can cut the perches down a bit or have the springs re-arched once it is loaded down.



Front suspension required some major fabrication. Used outfitters from another defender for the castor corrected radius arms. Cut and welded new lower mounts for 14 inch coil overs.20180824_194147-1040x780.jpg20180825_173234-1040x780.jpg20180824_194629-1040x780.jpg