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You won't look like Jack Hanna in that. This is ExPo; you need to look like Jack Hanna. Jack Hanna's shirts have collars, buttons, and pockets.
There are a couple of brands that have magic woven in so you won't smell like a baboon's hind quarters at the end of the day. I like Duluth Trading --- the sleeves are big enough around for my arms to go through. The fru-fru brands like ExOfficio are for little fellers that don't work out and have skinny little arms.


I’ll sometimes wear a sun shirt when I’m out on the boat, hiking, or surfing. They work but I never get burned through a regular cotton long sleeve either. I have an old one that I use for hiking. It doesn’t smell but no amount of bleach will get it white again. I don’t like sweating in them, it gets clingy. They do dry faster than cotton though. If you have chest hair it works it way through the weave which is interesting.

Carhart and Duluth has good stuff that will do the same thing like provide sun protection, wicking, and no smell. The ones In The link you posted look more like rash guards/ swim shirts. Us old time surfers laugh at people who wear those when not getting wet but everyone is wearing them now. I actually see surfers taking them off before getting in the water so I’m pretty out of touch. Prana also makes good stuff along those lines, has a little fru-fru, but fit like normal clothes and not like skinny jeans hipster stuff.


SE Expedition Society
Yeah @F350joe, some of the material sorta grabs your chest hair. I had a couple of shirts that did that ----- when you'd turn sideways or something, pluck, ouch. I think they were old Columbia fishing shirts but I'm not really sure on the brand.
And the original Duluth Trading sun shirts gave you stinky-pit-syndrome something terrible. I gave those to Goodwill...