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Location and price update as of 8/30:

Truck is now located in Asheville, NC and was trailered out from CO to NC.

While driving the truck to load it onto the trailer, the check engine light turned on. *** I am having the oil changed at the Toyota dealer today (8/30) and will scan the code there to get an accurate read on what the issue is. The original code was pulled from a parts store and I'm not 100% positive they got it right.

Price is now $13,500


If this truck could tell you about all of the adventures it’s been on and the purpose it’s served for me over the past 12 years, there would be no shortage of amazing stories to share. But it can’t, so I’ll tell you it’s story in as much detail as I can. First and foremost, I can confidently say that I would not be selling this truck unless I absolutely had to. However, a recent addition to our family has shifted our needs, so a bigger rig is in order for family adventures. I’ve maintained and kept it up as though I’d one day be able to kick around on backroads with my son for nostalgia’s sake, but that idea quickly became unrealistic as I began looking for a newer truck. So, if you’re in the market for a clean and well-kept first-generation Tacoma that’s been cared for by a devoutly proud owner, you’ve come to the right place.

Cooking dinner on the Alpine Loop

Cooking dinner high up in the San Juans

Zephyr relaxing at camp

Zephyr hangs in the topper as storms roll through

Rewinding the clock to 2009, I bought this truck from a schoolteacher who was the second owner (just learned this by running a CarFax). She never took the truck off-road and had a short commute to get to school, stacking up all of 23,676 miles over the course of a few years of her ownership. When I bought the truck, it had 41,844 miles on it. During the time I’ve had this truck, it has mostly remained stock and evolved slowly over time to suit my changing lifestyle.

Each and every modification was performed in order to make the vehicle more functional for exploring around the mountains of Colorado and to serve as a base camp for off-grid adventures. With additions such as an easily removable custom sleeper setup in the bed with ample storage potential, a 2.5” lift installed by one of the most regarded Toyota outfitters in the industry, a raised topper with bespoke waxed canvas window covers, some super bright KC LED flood lights, a set of aftermarket wheels with capable tires, and an expedition style rack from Front Runner Outfitters to round things out, the theme has always been to keep the truck aesthetically tasteful, yet highly functional and reliable. I like to refer to this rig as an OEM-plus build.

4-PAW Drive - this truck has that

This truck has 4-PAW Drive... does yours?

As I mentioned before, this truck has seen a lot of great adventures. And while it’s not flawless, it's been cared for exceptionally and will be an incredible setup for someone that's looking to load up their gear and go. Check out the details below for a comprehensive look at this rig’s history and build features. As you can tell, I love this truck and have zero worries about its reliability or history, it’s just not suitable for our growing family any longer.

Mining for adventure - I think we struck gold
Boondocking near Siverton, CO

Mining for adventure on the Alpine Loop

Maintenance details below...
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Full Photo Gallery Shot on July 1 HERE:




I have a folder of service records that confirm the below details are accurate, which will come with the vehicle.

Drivetrain | Original motor, manual transmission and clutch, with no leaks – 192,590 miles (at the time of posting and I’m planning to keep it parked for the most part until sold)
  • Oil has been changed with full synthetic for the past 10 years – I’ve personally changed it for most those years to keep a close eye on what’s coming out of the oil pan each service – I have a spare OEM Toyota filter that will come with the truck
  • K&N cotton air filter which gets cleaned regularly – I have the cleaning kit that will come with the truck
  • Timing belt replaced at 95,149 miles in 2012 with water pump and tensioner pulley
  • Transmission fluid serviced at 111,669 miles in 2013 with OEM fluid
  • Transmission and gearbox fluid serviced at 175,702 miles in 2019 with OEM fluids
  • Full driveshaft rebuild with new bearings and u-joints at 172,139 miles in 2019 with OEM parts
  • Thermostat replaced and coolant flushed at 170,406 miles in 2019 with OEM parts and fluid
  • Fuel filter replaced at 156,058 miles in 2017 with OEM parts
  • Spark plugs replaced with OEM plugs and wires in 2016
  • Muffler replaced with Magnaflow model in 2017, piping remains stock
  • Windshield replaced in 2018 and the glass is still in great shape
  • Battery replaced in 2017

Suspension and Steering
  • 2.5” OME lift with greasable shackles installed at 136,215 miles in 2015 by Slee Offroad
  • Leaf springs and shackles greased at regular intervals and I’ll plan to re-grease the shackles before handing off the keys one final time
  • Rear axle rebuilt with new seals, bearings, brake shoes and fluid flush at 146,200 miles in 2016 by Slee Offroad
  • Front brakes redone with drilled rotors and pads at 150,820 miles in 2017 by Slee Offroad
  • Steering Rack Bushings replaced at 169,051 miles in 2018

Wheels, Tires and Alignment
  • Two sets of wheels will be included if you want them (summer / winter) – rotated seasonally so they have a lot of life left in both sets
  • Summer: Vision M2 Overland 16” x 8” with Goodyear Ultraterrain AT 265/75/16 tires (installed summer 2020)
  • Winter: OEM 2nd gen wheels with Sumitomo Ice Edge 265/70/16 tires (installed winter 2019) If you don’t want or need the winter wheels, we can negotiate that into the final price
  • Alignment performed when lift was installed and when new tires were purchased. Last alignment was in summer 2020

Other Aftermarket Upgrades and Details

  • Alpine CDE-HD149BT Bluetooth head unit with hands-free talking
  • For an OEM look, I custom installed a Powerwerx backlit dual USB charging port and a toggle switch for the flood lights where two former 12v ports existed
  • KC Hilites 6” Slimlight LED flood lights (7,260 lumens) with removable stone guards installed on custom brackets in front of the grille for a factory look
  • Front Runner Slimline II rack – Note: I’ll be keeping the accessories from the rack including the fly rod carrier, awning, bottle opener, tie down rings and table slides/latch. The tray will be ready for you to add whatever accessories you want to it
  • Custom made waxed canvas window covers for privacy when camping in the topper - Want to check out the process? See HERE:
  • Custom built sleeper setup with two storage hatches and gear storage drawer with partitions (this whole system can easily be removed from the bed in about 5 minutes)
  • Custom back seat leveling panels (these were built for our dog to have a flat surface to be stable and comfortable on) – the bonus is you gain some more storage beneath for small essentials
  • Headlight bulbs are Sylvania Silver Star bulbs for added brightness
  • Corner lights are a smoked aftermarket option, and the turn signals have a smoked bra film over them
  • Window tent was pulled and replaced with fresh film in 2019 as the former film was fading
  • Clear bra on the hood, fender tips and headlights got pulled and replaced with fresh material in 2019
  • 2” receiver hitch for bike racks or small trailers. Trailer wiring is an OE style harness that plugs into the factory harness so no splicing was necessary, just plug and play
  • OEM Tacoma floor mats were replaced in 2021 (still have the old ones if you want them)
  • The tall topper was added in 2019 and came from a friend who was storing it in his garage for 5 years prior. The paint is in great shape, with a few stone chips on the front end. Additionally, the front corner on the passenger side was damaged as it looks like it was bumped or dropped. The weather stripping was replaced between the topper and bed when it was installed. Gas rear window struts are still strong, and the t-handles were replaced with a matching locking set. Interior is carpeted for a cozy feel when camping in the bed and the fore window hinges downward so you can easily clean the glass between the topper and cab – this is an incredibly nice feature

Cosmetic Imperfections and Body Details
  • Sadly, the driver door was hit in 2016 in a snowstorm but was repaired really well with OEM parts by a reputable shop in Golden, CO. The paint on the truck is original except for the driver door and fender, however, the paint matches incredibly well and is not noticeable whatsoever
  • This truck also got caught in a hailstorm a few years back, so the hood has a few dings on it. Luckily the roof was spared and only a couple of very small dings exist there. If you really wanted to make the truck look perfect, you could have paintless dent repair performed, but, for a 20-year-old truck that is white in color, you don’t really notice it at first glance. I’ve just gotten used to it at this point and still think the truck looks fresh
  • The two small cab window latches are broken if you try to open them, so I have always just left them closed. The latch arm is all that needs to be replaced to repair these, but I’ve never cared much to open them, so they just stay closed
  • Overall, there aren’t any major dents on the side panels and being a white truck really helps mask the imperfections
  • There is very little rust to be seen on the undercarriage except for some typical surface rust on the leaf springs, frame rails and fuel tank skid plate. All of that is purely cosmetic so I’ve never worried about it. Last summer I re-painted the front two factory skid plates and replaced the bolts with fresh hardware
  • Aside from some minor rock chips from the tires flinging rocks at the lower rocker panels and bottom edges of the doors, the paint is super clean overall
  • The driver side tail light housing fogs slightly when it rains heavily or if you spray pressured water around it while washing. it dries pretty quickly on it's own. I replaced both tail light gaskets about 9 months ago, but for whatever reason, this one gets just a little condensation - still functioning without any issues

Extra Need to Knows
  • I’ve got multiple topper and ignition keys and the clean title in hand ready to go. There is a hide-a-key box located on the topside of the trailer hitch just in case you ever lose a key or lock yourself out
  • The oil is nearly due for a change so you should expect to have it changed shortly after taking ownership – I’d personally keep it synthetic, but to each their own!
  • I’ve got a brand-new set of Bosch Icon wiper blades that will come with the truck but didn’t want to swap out the current ones just yet as they’ve still got a little life left in them
  • I just polished and sealed the paint at my brother in law’s detail shop, so it’s protected and clean and will stay that way as long as you keep it waxed or sealed with a good protection product
  • There’s a fire extinguisher installed beneath the sleeper platform that I’ll plan to leave with the vehicle
  • Sunshades for the windshield are also included
What’s Not Included:
  • All of the camping gear in the photos in the bed of the truck will be removed, but the fire extinguisher will stay mounted in the rear gear storage spot
  • The fly rod vault on the rack will be removed
  • The accessories on the rack will also be removed so you can trick it out how you want

UPDATE as of 8/30:

Located in Asheville, NC

Asking price: $13,500
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@hockdub phenomenal ad, best of luck with your sale! I'm a sucker for a truck with a story... so I can really appreciate the time and effort you put into this ad.


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Wow - what is your IG? Fabulous write-up and photos
Heya, thanks... my IG handle is @hockdub - there are a few images there of the truck in the field as well.


Thank you - @DailyJeep, wanted to commemorate the rig properly knowing it's been a part of so many amazing memories for my wife and I.


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Hello, I'm interested in your truck.

I just joined this group because I found your post as I am looking everywhere for an older, simple, well thought out, smaller yet sturdy, well cared for 4x4.

My goal is to leave within the next year or two and head south to Terra del Fuego and back. Not sure how this communication works, so I will let you guide me.


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Hello, I'm interested in your truck.

I just joined this group because I found your post as I am looking everywhere for an older, simple, well thought out, smaller yet sturdy, well cared for 4x4.

My goal is to leave within the next year or two and head south to Terra del Fuego and back. Not sure how this communication works, so I will let you guide me.
Will send you a direct message now.


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Price and location updated. This truck is now in Asheville, NC (trailered from CO) and price has been reduced to $15,000.


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Sale is pending with a buyer who has sent a deposit as of 9/1. Will update this thread once sale is complete.