Safe way to mount fire extinguisher in cab?


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Back in October while on a trailer camping trip, the wife and I came across a terrible car accident on the Navajo reservation. Single car, rolled over multiple times with 2 ejected and one pinned under the car.

We were able to render assistance until the paramedics and police arrived but in running the situation over in our heads, we realized that one thing we DIDN'T do was approach the scene with a fire extinguisher. Fortunately, there was no fire but if there had been I'd have had to run back to the truck to get my extinguisher, which was locked in the back of the truck under all our stuff - not an ideal location, obviously.

So I'm looking for recommendations of the best/safest way to mount a fire extinguisher in the cab of the truck where it won't be in the way and won't become a missile if WE get into an accident. I'd prefer not to put screws into sheet metal but if that's the best way to do it, I'm willing to do that.

If anyone has any recommendations or (better yet) pictures of how you have your fire extinguishers mounted, I'd like to see them. For what it's worth my truck is a 2018 F-150 CCSB.


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I don't have a good picture, but I mounted mine using the extinguisher's factory "clamp" mount on the side-pedestal of the driver's seat. The clamp alone may or may not be sufficient, but in my van the spacing is such that the tank interferes slightly on the molded-plastic "map pocket" on the driver's door - this means there's a little extra friction on the tank, so I feel good that it won't come loose in an accident, but is conveniently accessible as I'm jumping out of the driver's seat.

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Not knowing how the inside of your cab is set up it is hard to know what to suggest. For my Toyota the door behind the drivers side and passanger has large holders (cup holders). I took and wrapped the fuzzy Velcro (Loop side) around the fire extinguisher. I then put the hook side on the inside panel of the door. The lip of the cup holder holds the bottom end of the extinguisher in and the Velcro holds the top standing up. I have the commercial grade of Velcro. It is s bit tough to pull the extinguisher off in a non-emergency situation, but in a emergency and your adrenaline flowing it will be easy. To access it is as simple as opening the door and it is there. I did not use the mount that came with the v as it 's weight is on the bottom and not needed to hold it up.

For my Jeep it has a nice place between the drivers door and the seat bracket. The way it is made it has a perfect fit. It can not go forward or back, the seat bracket keeps it from going towards the center of the vehicle. When the door is closed it can not come up and out.

Sorry I can not do photos on the forum.

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On my Jeep I have it mounted on the roll bar on the drivers side.

In the Sports car I bought a mount that puts it in front of the drivers seat
It uses the seat mounting bolts, and I can reach it from the seat.

In the trucks they are under the rear seats, easy to reach

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I wouldn’t worry about the sheet metal screws. When you sell the truck you can plug the holes with “hole plugs” made for that purpose.

I got a racing bracket that holds the extinguisher with an iron grip but one pull on a red knob and it’s free. I have yet to see a standard bracket that was worth a flip.

I’m kind of a stickler when it comes to anchoring my stuff down. I don’t want any flying missiles if in an accident.

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For vehicle extinguishers I typically try and find a 5lb extinguisher equipped with a metal valve with an available aviation mount. The aviation mount generally adds a second strap around the extinguisher and slightly stouter mounting bracket.

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A little off topic but, along the same lines. Include a small folding spade/shovel with fire extinguisher. I've probably used the small, trunk mounted extinguishers for roadside fires maybe 100 times in 30 years and they almost never seem to have enough retardant to get the job done so, a small shovel comes in handy to throw dirt, gravel, sand, mud, snow (watch out if oil, fuel or liquids are involved when putting moist on it.) or whatever onto the blaze (while you can still do it safely) to help suppress the fire.....but, at some point you may just need to walk away and wait for the fire truck. Be safe.

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Has anyone seen or tried the Fire Safety Stick?
It doesn't look like it weighs so not much of a projectile but emits for up to 100 seconds depending on model. No servicing, no shelf life. Andrew St Pierre White recommended on his channel but no experience myself. For instance-


Virtually every commercial truck of any size or configuration has it mounted under or on the left side of the driver seat, or in the footwell. I believe that's mandated by DOT and we shouldn't really think any differently with our overland rigs for several reasons: We're pushing the limits of where we should go and when, carrying various fuels and combustible things and driving highly modified vehicles with modified engines and electrical systems. Only makes sense to have a fire extinguisher about 3 seconds from the driver seat.