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Nice work @jgaz . Here's my addition to @LandCruiserPhil's jack adapter. Available here and then trim the top piece for a snug fit.

LCP - Have you thought about offering the jack extension tubes as an additional accessory?!

Our adapter with a factory jack can change any tire you can fit on your Toyota (so far) so with an extension Im not sure what you would gain? What am I missing?

We offer adapters to fit all factory and hydraulic jacks click here ► - FREE SHIPPING

We also offer a Jack Adapter to fit the smaller post hydraulic jacks just not listed on our site.

Made in the USA

Welders are certified
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Here we go!

Stereo hi-lift jacks. Virtually safe! Not my truck but the orange jack is...


Edit- so, what happened is the day before we were driving into town through the desert. Apparently during that drive, a ring gear bolt head sheared off and punctured the diff cover. The oil leaked out and the next morning, driving out of town we all thought Mike was pissed about something because he suddenly locked his brakes and stopped. Well, '65 Rovers brakes do not have a "lock" feature, so we quickly figured it was a problem.

Pulled half shafts and drive shaft, and drive back to the hotel front wheel drive. The photo is in the hotel lot...

There was less than a pint of oil that came out when I pulled the diff. A taxi ride found a new front axle complete, which donated the diff. (We should have kept the housing as Mike bent that on his truck a few days later)

Al also changed his rear springs while we were there.


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