Ryobi 18 volt fan for tent?


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Anyone use a ryobi 18 volt fan for tent camping in summer?

Going camping at the beach on an island in early June.

How long will the batteries last?

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I read someone used one and with the large battery pack on low it lasted 16hrs.
Check youtube I think there are reviews. I plan on getting one.
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I use a Milwaukee M18 fan with a 5ah battery and on low it runs all night, and would probably do it on medium. Typically have 2 bars left on the battery in the morning.


I have not tested the run times,it is a pretty good fan. Keep an eye on Home Depots sales ads,the batteries can be bought in a 2 pack for what I originally paid for 1 battery when I bought the fan.
Arctic Cove makes a misting version of the fan,that is what got me into the Ryobi battery world.
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X2 on Milwaukee M18. Runs all night plus. Quiet and efficient.

Since I’m carrying the impact I also have extra battery’s available.

A simple solar charging system would be interesting if anyone has found / built one. Just put a panel in the sun and plug in the battery. (Milwaukee are you listening?)

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Try the Ridged fan. Life time warranty on the fan and battery.


Yes i got one specifically for those hot day camping. I've only really used it 2x on the trail. The last one we camped by the Badlands with 80s temp and zero breeze -- very uncomfortable in an RTT with that polycanvas material. With a spray bottle to add some cooling mist, my family was able to sleep nicely.

I carry two batts (also carry a ryobi impact). A single batt lasts the full night.


The Ryobi will give you 2 days easy on low, possibly 3 using the 4ah battery. The bigger ones will give you a little more. Just be warned if you let them run until they die it can kill a battery. I use the Ryobi LED light and 2 of the fans in my tent trailer all the time.


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So I ordered the fan, the lantern, 2 knockoff 6 amp hour batteries’ an impact driver and a vehicle charger...$220 hope they work.


Please post your thoughts on the light when you can.
I bought this one after seeing it on Ronny Dahl's channel.
I used this one yesterday under the truck,not having a cord from a drop light in the way was nice,I may get it if it goes on sale.
Ryobi knows how to get you into their grip,buy a fan,then batteries,since you have the batteries you start buying tools that take those batteries.
I bought the vehicle charger but I haven't used it,I should test the recharge time,I do home charge the batteries for the impact driver I keep in the truck before a long trip.


I have an Artic Cove version that fits Ryobi batteries it sits on a 5 gallon bucket and has a mister. You don't have to run the mister, it was an absolute life saver in Moab when it was in the upper 90s. Fan runs a long time on those larger batteries, and you can get a 12v charger.


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I bought their drill / driver set, came with 2 batts. Then a small handheld vac. THen a leaf blower with a higher cap battery and that came with another 110VAC charger, which I threw in the vehicle. I've been looking at their LED lights, but the fan is a nice idea. So's a 12v charger, instead of the waste of running an inverter to run a charger, if I'm using the tools somewhere without convenient 110 power. And I've got a solar panel on my vehicle, so it really would be nice to have the 12v charger mounted in my power box.

eta here's one for $28 and includes some USB power ports too.


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That's a 110v unit. Amazon does have a 12v unit for $40.

A decade ago I bought something like this from a guy on CL who had gotten a DeWalt kit for xmas...

Mine is a bit bigger. Came with drill, sawzall, small circular saw, flashlight and dustbuster, plus one 110v charger and battery. The guy also included two more batteries, another 110v charger and a 12v charger. All for $100. I added an angle grinder.

It's down to one battery and that on its last legs. Will be replacing the batteries with 5ah Li one of these days. Most likely will also get one 110v charger and one 12v.

I've had no issues other than the grinder does take the battery down pretty fast. The 110v chargers also work fine on a MSW inverter. Not that I need that, but I had two 110v chargers so I figured if I blew one up testing it, WTH.

The NiCad batteries charge faster on the 12v charger than they do on the 110v chargers.