RV Hook-ups... Which side?


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Stupid question, which side of the camper/RV/etc. should I put the land-line electrical hook-up on my teardrop build (as in, which side are RVs normally set up on)?

Thanks in advance.


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If you plan on camping at a campsite and backing into the space, then your connections should be on the same side as the driver's side of your tow vehicle.

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Buuuuuut, my parents had a Class C that had the electrical\tv\water hookups on the rear. Their sewer dump was on the drivers side though, I think that is pretty standard to make the flow of traffic at the dump site flow smoothly.


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Most campsites I've been to are set up to have the doors on the passenger side (that's where the picnic tables are) and the hookups on the driver's side.