Rusty Frame Recall - not going as hoped / $5,000 additional cost


I'm not looking to bash Toyota. My wife and I both drive Tacomas and are really happy. I'm a fan, but a buddy is going through a nightmare situation with his rusty frame and I think it is only fair that I share the story.

Basically, he was approved for frame replacement, and now they want 5k to replace additional parts not covered or the will return to him as is, as in a pile of parts.

Check out the story here:


The big item is a 2k exhaust. Just put an aftermarket on. Who knows what'll happen. I can see it from both sides.

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friend of mine was into it for over 7,000$. but he felt the truck was better'n new, so he's okay.

not gonna buy much or know the vehicle history for that*

*yes; i know - you knew a guy, who's brother, got a low mileage blah blah blah for $2,500 .........

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I have a coworker from Michigan and he said ALL cars in the snow belt there whenever they get worked on mechanics use a torch to cut away rusty parts when working on vehicles suspensions, exhausts, etc.

It's a difficult situation to be in. Maybe Toyota can pay for 50% of the parts as good will?

But I read that people did not have to pay anything at all. Have him call Toyota NA and help them good will all the additional parts needed.
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This is my personal experience and not hear say! In short, my experience is that you get a lawyer and let the lawyer go after Toyota. Having had 2 Jeeps with problems the lawyer will get you a proper settlement. It is a cause and effect. It sounds like you have the dealer on your side so just some letters between the lawyer and Toyota should settle this faster.

This is just my $.02 and the laws in your state may effect your outcome. No, I am not a lawyer and I dislike lawyers in general, but they can help in some cases. I wish you the best of luck!


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Clearly before they removed all these parts they knew they'd need new ones to put it back together. That's when the owner should have been notified, not after the fact.


This was the death knell for my Tundra. It was up for frame replacement and I asked them who paid for all of the fasteners, electrical connections and anything else that broke when they tore the truck down. I could not get a straight answer. I was not willing to let them tear it down then present me with a huge bill.

We traded it away with full disclosure to a sister dealership of the Toyota store. It was a sad day. We owned that truck outright and had every intention of keeping it long term. It had never given us any trouble and did what we needed it to do.

I couldn't believe them once we made the decision, they were shocked that we were not interested in another Toy. I have been a diehard for many years but I don't want to go through that ever again.

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The dealer is stuck in the middle and is on the verge of telling both parties to eff off (I would if I were them); I'd pay the $ and get down the road.


I was in a similar situation where they wanted to charge me all kinds of money for stuff after my frame replacement. They told me it would be unsafe to drive and yadyadyyada. In short I saved myself a ton of cash by replacing the stripped tierod ends myself, chopping out the rusty exhaust sections and other basic repairs. They did not charge any of the stuff they're charging him though. I imagine 3/4 of the nuts/bolts under the truck were replaced and I wasn't charged for anything. They replaced a ton of stuff and it rides like new.

If the exhaust is rusted out it's not their problem, the other **** I'd hate to pay for though.

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Maybe it's time to seek some legal advice. Toyota should stand by their product and get you back on the road. Shame that a billion dollar corporation is trying to squeeze the consumer for parts that they manufacturer at a fraction of the retail price.


Maybe it's time to seek some legal advice. Toyota should stand by their product and get you back on the road. Shame that a billion dollar corporation is trying to squeeze the consumer for parts that they manufacturer at a fraction of the retail price.
That's what businesses do... sell stuff for more than it cost to manufacture. No one forces you to pay for it, you are free to build your own truck.