Russia with Rover


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go to google maps and typ "KODROV" and "KIROVSK" and you get the idea!

Planing an trip? we do, maybe join up! we drive from Umeå via Haparanda and tru Finland. I think we have allready had some contct regarding TD5 turbocharger, last summer i think it was! :)


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We drove Arctic Trophy last year and are talking about doing it again in 2010. Or just do an expedition :)

We had a couple of days in Kirovsk. We did a fun road from Kirovsk to Prevda by following an old railwaytrack. I posted some pictures earlier in this tread.



we "plan" out tracks with a feel, we hardly ever stay on planed rout cause conditions tend to different every time!

we have more a plan from point A to B. Choise of route depends of what members cars are capable off. Last summer Ladoga trip was quite "easy" when both cars was "standard" and only one had winch. We allso hade family members with us so did not made it TOO HC! :)

No no GPS tracks, i have som scanned OZI maps but i realy enjoy navigating "old fashioned way" with papermap. Have some maps of those areas, bought on Amazon