Russia with Rover



Now is our summer adventure done. We did an "Lake Ladoga" tour...russian backroads exploring WWII sites and exploring HOW time can stan still 2009!

border crossing Finland-Russia att Enso-Svetogorsk

typcal russian suburbian hihouse:

back roads

old Finnish WWII bunkers

time standing still

after all we sufferd no brakedowns, no crime just an "different" vacation. I can sure you this was not last time we go, so many places left unexplored.

our "Party"

Travellers was 3 adults and 3 kidds, kids aged 4,9,15. We tented alot, just one night att hotel and one night in an cabin! miles driven 2174.



Thanks for the report. I'd be interested in learning more about the route you followed. I've spent some time in rural Russia and it is certainly like walking backwards in time. Communism did some ugly stuff to that place.

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Thanks for posting this up. Sometimes when you get into rural areas you feel like you stepped back in time no matter where you are.
Very interesting! I have always wanted to travel through rural Russia. I too would like to know more about the route you took.



the route we toke was Vaasa-Lappeenranta-Enso(FIN)==>( RUS)Svetogorsk-Kirvu-Rintala-Hiitola-Lahdenpohja-Sortavala-Impilahti-Pitkäranta-Olonec-Lodejnoe Pole-Olhava-passed ST Peterburg due kaotic traffic-2 day enjoying weater and beautufully beaches near Primorsk instead-Vyborg (RUS)==>Nuijamaan back in Finland!

totaly 3500km or 2174miles.




Hi Jan,

I was wondering what the writings in the first two pictures below signify? Is this the line where the Russian-Finnish War ended??





read more att: and

INK 7 is from "Inkilä 7" bunker 7 on Inkilä county.
Inkilä is very near Primorsk or in Finnish Koivisto, INK7 is only a few meters from Gulf Of Finland

39-40 is an symbol when Finnish troops had to give up they positions on "Mannerheim defence line". 12 March 1940: Peace agreement signed in Moscow.

those triangels Im not sure about, i think that meann INK7 i cyrilic alphabet. Not sure.

Much left unseen so we return next summer, with more time than week and ahalf! Now we know the manners and habits! :)
After all "mannerheim defensline" was quite mighty.

further reading

War with Russians was over September 4th 1944 0700hours. Arms quieted September 5th, "temporary peace treaty was signed September 19th 1944 and final peace treaty was signed in Parin February 10th 1947.

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Looks like a nice trip. The photos you posted and on your daughters blog are great. Thanks for posting and nice Rovers.