Rugged, warm pants with reinforced knees and seat?


A company I had never heard of previously has been advertising heavily in the US shooting/police/mil market. UFpro out of Slovenia. From what I heard their pants (they make all sorts of clothing) are excellent.

Bought a pair of striker XT 2 to try. You can add more knee padding to them and you can put a winter liner in the pants. I will come back with some use feedback in a few months maybe.

They also make a pant called p40, lighter use case than a striker xt.
2 months in, pants are excellent. Have used them well enough.

*I bought the hard and soft kneepad inserts.
*All the stretch parts work really well, never yet felt like the pant held me up in movement in any position.
*the top loading knee pad zippers can double as nice vents for your legs.
*Wish the thigh pocket top openings were wider but they are OK.
*Wish the ankle pocket zippers were at least 1 inch longer (my small hands can just fit inside)
*The thigh pockets that open top and front are a nice touch, front zipper can get into the pocket when seated like in a car.
*Do not like the button snap and closure at the waist/belly. It has 2 closures and one button or even two buttons would be fine but it has that sort of dress pant closure at the belly button. It sucks. (apparently the HT version has 2 snap buttons)
*the soft portion of the kneepad I take out to rinse off the surface by hand. It is a very hard memory sort of foam that is closed sell, does not retain moisture and dries fast
*pants will air dry fairly fast
*ankle draw string closures are nice (the cinch piece is in the ankle pockets hence my comment about the opening)
*the grabby claw that hooks your shoelace so it does not ride up your leg is great. These are the first pants where I have never once worried about the pant riding up my boot or leg.

*If I was buying again I would choose HT pant instead of the XT 2, the HT has groin vents aka gooch vents
*If I was buying a second pair to supplement the XT, I would buy the P40
*You need a certain kind of leg length ratio to body size to have the knee pads line up at just the right height for you, but as far as I can tell they designed it to fit most everyone at most sizes.

Will try to report back again
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A buddy of mine rolled up to the campsite in a pair of Fjalraven Kebs. Old style fabric that you can waterproof selectively with additional wax. Billed as the last pants you'll ever need. Super tempted, they look the part that's for sure. Some of the 'technical' clothing I have feels like it's gonan fall apart (even though I know it wont).


Kapitis Indagatoris
I'm a little bummed out.....I was all ready to promote Kuhl pants. I recently decided to upgrade my outdoor/travel pants away from all my old utility pants and decided on Kuhl since I already have a couple jackets and vest which I really like, they work great and fit awesome.
So, I pick up four pairs. Two pairs of the Ryder pants and two pairs of The Law pants for just under $400. They all fit great at the store. Once home I washed them, following the washing/drying instructions to the letter. Went to wear the first pair, nothing wrong with the fit or finish, still felt great but, the “Italian snap” closure wouldn’t stay closed. No matter how much I tried to keep the closure closed the minute you moved or twisted the closure popped open. This makes me a little mad but I figured it was a defect in that one pair, So I try the other pants. Two of the three remaining pants had the very same problem.
I do a little googling and it turns out to be a common and known problem With Kuhl pants that their closures don’t stay closed. I just got home from returning all four pairs Of pants to the store. The store manager had no problem with the return and simply acknowledged they were “defective”. He apologized and expressed his frustration due to having other defective pants returned.
I do hope Kuhl either figures out how to make a more effective snap or simply go with a button fly style closure. Now I’m still on the hunt for good travel pants.