Rugged Off-Road Hitch Rack


Looks like a good option too. Any problems with reduced airflow up front? One thing I actually like about the Kenworth is the air dams on either side of the "hood" to funnel air.

We may end up with something up front but since I only need room for one bike, hanging it off the back will be ideal (I think)

I forgot to mention - and I think it shows it in the video I posted - is that the 1up rack folds into a pretty small package. Small enough that we can store it easily in one of the frame rail side boxes. which is quite nice as well.
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Any problems with reduced airflow up front?

...hanging it off the back will be ideal

... 1up rack folds into a pretty small package....
We haven't noticed any problem with airflow. Another EarthCruiser friend carries the blade of his Pull Pal up there and hasn't noticed any problem with air or cooling. We'll probably move our blade there also, so we'll watch for cooling issues.

Off the back is certainly a good option if the dirt isn't a drawback. Yours may be up higher and thus get less dirt.

Folding up tight would definitely be handy. Our ISI racks aren't easy to store in the shop and basically can only be carried in the receivers unless you dismantle them.


Our ISI racks aren't easy to store in the shop and basically can only be carried in the receivers unless you dismantle them
I also noticed that the 1up website had a handy "indoor storage" product application that allows you to effectively mount a "receiver hitch" on the wall of your shop or garage and just remove your bikes - hitch and all - and just plug it into the wall.

I'm sure it would be easy to fab something similar, but as I looked at it I realized it was a genius hack. The weight rating would lead me to believe that its pretty lightweight. But I will probably do something where I can just unplug my bike from the receiver and take it over to the wall in the shop and plug it into the wall mounted receiver.


We have a Let's Go Aero cargo box that we run on the rear of our van or SUV. It holds two road bikes with the front wheels off and would likely hold two mountain bikes if you removed the handlebars also. Keeps them looking like new and has room for the front wheels, helmets, pump, etc.

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In my search for a decent rack for our new truck, I came across the 1up Super Duty Rack. This is definitely going to fit the bill for us. Wade, I noticed a rather nifty "swing away" accessory on their website that might serve your needs.

Our application is slightly different than Howard's since our spare is centered on the back wall and has a hitch receiver mounted in the middle of it specifically to carry bikes. I will just need to have a "drop hitch" fabricated to lower it slightly.

Here is the link to the swing away accessory.

I like that bike cover Howard.

1UP's are the way to go - made in USA, simple & well thought out modular design. Myself and many of my buddies use and swear by them.....


1UP is the way to go. We use a Yakima rack now and will upgrade to a 1UP when the Yakima is done.
We were trying to decide between the 1up and Kuat. We only have 2 bikes but they are dual suspension e mountain bikes (50lbs each). My wife can not lift hers by herself so we needed a ramp option. While we liked the 1up we ultimately decided to go with the Kuat for 2 reasons: 1) convenience (available at a local bike shop, and 2) price.

So far we are happy with it. Really sturdy and solid. The only downside is that they need to improve the ramp connection to the tray. Not difficult but not easy and you have to lift the rear tire to remove the ramp when the bike is loaded. Overall we are pleased with it.


Look at the Rocky Mounts Backstage. It swings out and tilts. You can load from both sides. It will support two e-bikes.

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